The Ultimate Buyer Guide to Ben Wa Balls - Everything You Need to Know About Kegel Exercises

Ben wa balls were found as far back as 500 AD, so their uses are well tested. Their initial applications were to give men extra pleasure during sexual intercourse and were first used in Japan. They are often known by other names like “Geisha balls,” “love balls” and “kegel balls.” These balls can come in a variety of sizes, and some come with small inserts that make a sound when they bang together.

Ben wa balls have since been found to help strengthen the kegel muscles in women when they are inserted into the vagina. And while you may think that more massive balls are for more experienced users, it is, in fact, the opposite way around. Larger balls are for beginners and smaller balls are for the more experienced. These come in pairs, and women use their kegel muscles to hold the balls inside the vagina. This can greatly benefit them during orgasm too.

Geisha Balls Magnetic Ben Wa Balls

What Are Ben Wa Balls?

Ben wa balls are balls which you slide inside the vagina, and their primary purpose is to exercise and strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, and this, in turn, can aid in increasing sexual pleasure. As well as this, there are bladder control problems and a myriad of other medical issues that can be helped using ben wa balls too. They are also known as the following:

  • Geisha balls
  • Orgasm balls
  • Love balls
  • Kegel balls
  • Venus balls, among others

For many users, these are often confused with anal beads, but they are different, and they serve a very different purpose.

These balls can start off as small as a child’s marbles and go up to around an inch in diameter. While there are stories of women bringing themselves to orgasm while wearing ben wa balls, there are plenty of women who are finding stimulation because of wearing these balls.

Lelo LUNA Ben Wa Balls

Lelo LUNA Ben Wa Balls


Ben wa balls come with quite a few advantages which is quite surprising for two balls. These can include health benefits and also sexual benefits.

  • Pelvic floor muscles: When women age or give birth, they can lose strength in their pelvic floor muscles. Ben wa balls can help to strengthen the kegel muscles through repeated use. This is beneficial for health as well as helping to improve orgasms during intercourse, making them one of the most popular sex toys for women.
  • Bladder control: With ben wa balls being used as an exercise tool, this can improve bladder control that can be lost through old age. 
  • Male stimulation: This is what they were initially intended for. Depending on the size of the ball, they can be inserted inside the vagina while having sexual intercourse. This will deliver more stimulation to the penis.
  • Female stimulation: Aside from the health factors, ben wa balls are being worn by women for their own gratification, like being inserted and rocking back and forth in a rocking chair to induce orgasm. Women are more daring and are wearing them during travel, walking around doing the grocery shopping, or even wearing them while they work.
  • Vaginal elasticity: This is another area where women can suffer from childbirth or through aging. They can lose their vaginal elasticity and also the ability for their vagina to produce its own lubrication. Ben wa balls can help this through their continual stimulation. After only four weeks, women can see results and they can say “goodbye” to painful, dry intercourse.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Pleasure Ben Wa Balls

Fifty Shades Of Grey Pleasure Ben Wa Balls

Different Ben Wa Balls Types 

Standard: These are the conventional type of ben wa balls, and are usually the size of marbles. These can be a good choice for beginners who want stimulation or to perform kegel exercises with.

Weighted: These will be made from materials that are heavier than others. This can increase the intensity as they are most often made from either steel or glass. These more substantial types of kegel balls give the pelvic floor muscles a much harder workout.

Duotone: These can help tighten the vaginal muscles. This can assist in achieving better orgasms and vaginal tightness during intercourse. These can be weighted, or they can be hollow with small chimes inside that make a noise as they clank together.

Vibrating: For added stimulation, you can get ben wa balls which vibrate. These can deliver added stimulation, but because of their motor, they won’t be as durable. In many cases, they don’t help as much during kegel exercises.

Corded: There are variations of these, but the majority of the newer types can be steel, which is well-molded inside a silicone sleeve. They will give the impression of a number eight with a loop on the end. This can help with resistance training, or for ease of removal of the kegel balls.

Ben wa balls with no cord: These are most often used in a pair by more experienced users who have tighter muscles. These can push the kegel muscles that little bit further once you’ve reached the limit with other varieties.

Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls

Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls

Where Can You Use Your Ben Wa Balls?

Ben wa balls can be used in a couple of scenarios. These are for doing kegel exercises as they are primarily intended, or they can be used for sexual stimulation while wearing for extended periods. Additionally, in some cases, they can be worn while having sexual intercourse too.

There are a few types of ben wa balls, but the more traditional ones are slightly different in how they operate. Here is how you would use this ancient technique…

You insert the empty ball first and make sure it is toward the back of the cervix. You then insert the second heavier ball until they make contact with each other. Once these are in position, they can make small vibrations with the slightest of body movements. There are a few women who do this before sitting in a rocking chair or swing, and they get the benefit while gently rocking backward and forward.

It is possible to have sex with ben wa balls inserted, however, the varieties that come with a cord for easy removal might be off-putting, or it could snag and cause pain to you or your partner. The cordless variety is often better for use during intercourse.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Silicone Ben Wa Balls

Fifty Shades Of Grey Silicone Ben Wa Balls

Material Types

Stainless Steel: This material is medical-grade, non-porous and body-safe. It can be thoroughly sterilized as it can bear extreme temperatures. It also delivers more weight, which can improve muscle strength too. Steel is suitable to wear throughout the day.

ABS Plastic: This hard plastic will result in lighter balls (unless there are weights added to the inside). It’s easy to clean, but can’t be sterilized. ABS plastic is body-safe and comes without the addition of toxic chemicals.

Glass: These are body-safe like steel, and are made from the same glass as hi-strength cookware. These may often be almost as heavy as steel and can be sterilized (just as easy) in hot water. This material is non-porous and there’s no smell or odor. These can be worn in the vagina for extended periods.

Silicone: There are not many ben wa balls that are made from silicone, but it is found in the strings or the small coverings which hold them together. Silicone can be sterilized just like steel and glass. It’s also non-porous and comes with no odor or taste and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals either. This material addition isn’t usually recommended for being worn over extended periods though.

Bloom Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Bloom Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

How to Choose the Right Ben Wa Balls for You

Although there isn’t much difference between ben wa balls, there is enough of a gap to make sure that you do choose carefully. You have styles, designs, materials, weights, and different sizes to consider. All of these options can help you to get the best possible health benefits in tightening the muscles and allow for the best sexual experience as well.

Size: New users should begin with larger ben wa balls, but they do need to be comfortable when wearing them. They also need to stay in place. They are often bought in pairs, but you can begin with one. If they’re too large, it’s too easy to hold them in place and you won’t gain the benefits.

Weight: Weight does vary between brands. This should also be in relation to your body size and weight. Current pelvic muscle strength also needs considering. Weights range from 60 g to 120 g. Lighter weights are for new users.

Materials: This can have a bearing on the overall experience. Each requires different levels of practice to hold them in place. Plastic is the easiest, while glass and steel are the heaviest and need more practice and muscle control.

Design: Single balls can be hollow or come with or without an inner ball. Two balls which are fastened together are called duotone balls. These are easier to insert and remove. The outer ball is often made from plastic or silicone.

Yany Metal Kegel Balls

Yany Metal Kegel Balls

Styles: Some ben wa balls come with strings while others come without. The type without a string is easier to clean and care for. They will also last longer too.

Vibrating ben wa balls: These are built for stimulation, so if you are after a thrill, these are ideal. If you want to improve your kegel muscles, then this style doesn’t offer anything in that department.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Ben wa balls can be really easy to keep clean. Because they should never be used in the anus, they will never face any of the bacteria which comes from anal contact.

If you stick to the three recommended materials of steel, glass or silicone, then cleaning can be very straightforward. Glass and steel will be cordless varieties, so there is no cord to keep clean. The balls themselves can be washed under warm water with a good antibacterial soap. You can then place them in a dishwashing machine to sterilize. Just remember to put them inside something so they don’t fall off the top shelf.

After this, you can wipe them dry with a lint-free cloth and place them in their original packaging. Ben wa balls from more reputable suppliers might supply a storage box too. 

Posh Silicone Kegel Exercise Balls

Posh Silicone Kegel Exercise Balls

If you opt for the silicone variety, then these can be washed in the same way, but you do need to check the surface in case there are any scratches or gouges in the silicone. Once you have washed them, these can also be run through a dishwashing cycle, but once they are dry, they might feel sticky to the touch. Use renewal powder here. You can also boil your ben wa balls in hot water for a few minutes. With glass, just be careful that it is stated by the manufacturer to be sterilized in this way. If unsure, check the guidelines and follow those to the letter.

Even though glass and steel are not affected by high heat as much as silicone, all ben wa balls should be stored in a cool and dry location.

When you follow the given recommendations for the care of ben wa balls, these can give years of service before you need to even consider replacing them. They’re brilliant, really!

Some Safety Considerations

Just from looking at kegel balls, you would expect them to slide too far inside the vagina and get lost. However, it isn’t possible for these balls to go too far, and that problem is more common with the rectum and anal beads, as an example.

One safety consideration is overuse. If the pelvic floor muscles are overworked too much, they should be rested afterward. These are the same as any other muscle, so they do need recovery time after a workout.

Pipedream Kinky Ben Wa Balls

Pipedream Kinky Ben Wa Balls

It’s also known that many women wear their kegel balls for extended periods, and this can lead to stress of the pelvic floor muscles and lead to vaginal infections. This is one reason why either steel or glass kegel balls are used because they are better materials to be left inside the vagina for these extended periods of time. Don’t overdo it though.

Additionally, if you are new to using kegel balls, you should follow the recommendations before thinking you can pop them in and walk around, hoping to have orgasms.

Recommendations for the first few uses are:

  • Use a good lube
  • Lay down and insert the kegel balls inside once you are relaxed
  • Tense your leg muscles to hold the balls inside
  • Once you are used to this, you can then sit and try to walk around
  • With more experience, you can insert them without having to lie down

When you use kegel balls as a sexual stimulation aid, they should not remain inside the vagina for more than six hours. This can place the urethra under unnecessary stress.

Although cordless, kegel balls won't vanish in the vagina, they might remain there longer than expected, and there is no cord. The newer, lightweight silicone ones do come with a silicone cord, so ease of removal is guaranteed here.

Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben Wa Balls

Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben Wa Balls

Additional Things to Consider

Because of how ben wa balls are used, there are things you need to take into consideration when purchasing some. These sit inside the body for extended periods, so there are things you may not notice during their use.

  • Quality: There are lots of cheap imitation ben wa balls. These are something to steer away from. You can tell ones which are not very good quality as they will show signs of wear.
  • Material choice: Your ben wa balls need to be made from a material that contains no phthalates, and made from a body-safe material too. Stainless steel should be a medical-grade because some manufacturers add nickel which is shown to cause reactions in some people.
  • Allergic reactions: Using a reliable supplier with quality materials can safeguard you against allergic reactions. If you feel burning or itching in the vaginal area, you should remove your ben wa balls as quickly as possible.
  • Cleaning: Although these are only used in the vagina, it’s still better to choose materials you can sterilize. Smooth balls are far easier to clean and care for.
  • Safety approval: If possible, your ben wa balls should be FDA approved, although in some cases, this might not always be possible. Customer reviews can help with this as people are outspoken when it comes to their sex toys. Take note!
  • Lubricant: Lubricant choice can catch many people out with regard to their ben wa balls. If you have some that contain silicone, never use silicone-based lube. Additionally, because these are inserted for extended periods, you can find that water-based lubes dry up too quickly. But, this is the recommended choice for lube to be on the safe side. One more thing to note is: steel and glass do require less lubrication during use as they both come with surfaces that are already slippery.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Kegel Ball Set

Fifty Shades Of Grey Kegel Ball Set

Common Questions People Ask

Will I reach an orgasm using ben wa balls?

While many companies might market the fact that they deliver intense orgasms, not all women can reach the point of orgasm while wearing them, but all this depends on the woman wearing them. It is a fact, some do and some don’t. The use of these toys is not unpleasant, and for any woman over 30, they can deliver plenty of benefits, and although you might not orgasm from wearing them, you may find you have better orgasms afterward. That’s a plus! They also feel really good inside the vagina.

How long do I need to use ben wa balls before I see a difference?

This depends on the condition of your kegel muscles when you begin using them. For the average woman, she can start to see a difference at around two weeks of regular daily use from just a few minutes per day.

Can I go to the bathroom while kegel balls are inside me?

In theory, it is possible, but it isn’t something you really want to try. If you let one slip, you could be fishing around in the toilet bowl, and this will lead to a whole host of cleaning necessities and sterilizing in hot water. It is worth noting, they can be worn during a period, and if they are the corded variety, then this will be the only part that may be stained. They’re pretty adaptable and most women absolutely love them!