Types of Penis Pumps

The first recorded evidence of a penis pump was back in the late 1800s. This came from an American doctor named John King, who created the device to treat erectile dysfunction. A few years later, a patent was applied for by Dr. Otto Lederer. This was to become the basis of the design we now currently know. All the way from its inception to part way through the 20th century, this device was for treatment of impotence. And even then, it was a cylinder with a pump that was used to create a vacuum, thus helping engorge the penis with more blood. The device still works in the same way today.

It was in the 60s when things changed, and the device began first being used for sexual pleasure. This came along with technical revolutions that allowed components to be mass-produced more cheaply. This continued until the 2000s, where the penis pump changed very little. It was then that pressure gauges and electronic pumps were being fitted, and popularity continued to grow as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It was only back in 2014 that penis pumps began using water to create the vacuum. These went on to be known as hydro pumps. Even with these changes, there are hundreds of thousands still being sold, and this shows no sign of decreasing any time soon.


The majority of benefits you can gain from penis pumps are related to health and overcoming erectile dysfunction as a main benefit. These can help men who are recovering from procedures such as prostate surgery or from radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

These two procedures mentioned can shorten the penis which leaves men in a frustrated state. Another area where a penis pump helps is for men who are on medication. Heart disease and diabetes can take their toll, as can spinal injury and multiple sclerosis, as examples. When men partake in using a penis pump on a regular basis, they may get back some normality in the functionality of their penis.

One final medical condition that penis pumps are renowned for helping is that of men suffering from Peyronie’s disease. This is where internal scar tissue can lead to painful bent erections. Penis pumps can help straighten the penis and bring back the correct length and girth.

With all of these benefits, it’s erectile dysfunction that gains the primary benefit, and with the use of cock rings, this allows the user to perform sexual intercourse or masturbation too.

Penis pumps are also marketed as penis enlargement devices. There are many men who regularly pump their penis in a bid to gain a larger penis.

Benefits in the bedroom are that a penis pump can deliver a more substantial and harder penis in the same way as wearing a cock ring can. This leads to more pleasure between partners, and the male orgasm can be more intense as ejaculation will be delayed, so sexual sessions can be prolonged as well.

Different Penis Pump Types

There isn’t much difference between penis pumps as they still basically follow the very early designs that were created all those years ago. But, there are subtle differences, so here are the three types of penis pumps you can choose from…

Air-based penis pumps: These are a cylindrical chamber which sits over the penis. With the aid of an air pump, these are emptied of air, and a vacuum is created. These air pumps require the use of both hands to operate as one needs to hold the device against the pubic area over the penis, while the second hand is used to pump the air from the cylinder. Once the vacuum has been created, and the erection is to the extent it can go, the constriction ring will then retain the blood inside the penis.

Hydro penis pumps: These have been around for a little over a decade, and deliver better safety features than their air-based counterparts. While blood is still sucked into the penis, it’s water displacement which creates this effect, rather than air. This can relieve some of the pressure and allows for overall better results. Hydro penis pumps can also be operated single-handedly as well as being able to use them in the shower or the bathtub. One benefit over an air-based pump is they require no lubrication. Hydro penis pumps can also deliver even more blood flow for more extensive and harder erections, and they are much safer to use too.

Electric penis pumps: Although these are air-based, they do take the effort out of pumping to create the vacuum. Everything is regulated by the electric motor, so there’s little need to carefully gauge the pressure. Electric penis pumps can also be used in the comfort of the bedroom, rather than the need to be in the bathroom with the use of water. For men who are unable to actuate the pumps by hand, this type of penis pump is a fantastic addition. While being more useful for a lot of users of manual penis pumps, they fall behind the effectiveness of a hydro-based penis pump to some degree.

Material Options

There is limited material types used for the creation of penis pumps, so let’s take a look here, below:

  • Silicone: This material is hypoallergenic, so it is safe for nearly everyone to use. It is non-porous and can be used around water like with the hydro penis pumps. Silicone contains no phthalates, so there are no toxic chemicals which can cause reactions, and it is easy to clean too. Silicone may be used on the base of the penis pump which sits against the body, and also on the constriction ring (cock ring) which holds the blood in the penis. When using lube on your penis pump, be sure it is water based and not silicone based.
  • Rubber: Rubber is one of the cheaper materials, and in the cases of many sex toys, it should be avoided where possible. However, you may find the bulb hand pumps being made from rubber on air-based penis pumps. Rubber is porous and can absorb moisture, so they shouldn’t be used around water at all. Rubber cannot be sterilized, and this may be the reason why you might only find it on the hand pumps. Hydro penis pumps won’t use any rubber in their construction.
  • Hard plastic: This comes in the form of ABS plastic, in many cases. ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and it is a terpolymer. ABS is non-porous; so it won’t let water in and is very easy to clean. It can’t be sterilized like silicone, but warm soapy water is sufficient. ABS is also suitable for all lube types, but water based is advised. ABS contains no phthalates, so it’s one of the more body safe materials you can find from penis pump manufacturers.

How to Choose the Right Penis Pump for You

Choosing the right penis pump can come down to a few underlying factors. Although penis pumps are all pretty similar, these are the following things you’ll need to think about before making a purchase…

  • Size: Most penis pumps are designed to be a one size fits all, but there are some made for different sized penises. In many cases, the constriction ring may be a different size or can be changed to fit the size of the user's
  • Effectiveness: The penis pump industry is enormous, so there are countless manufacturers that make different models of penis pumps. Some are more effective than others, so checking customer reviews can help sort the good from the bad.
  • Durability: A penis pump needs to withstand quite high pressures once the vacuum is created. If there is any weakness in the plastic tube or in the soft cushion that sits against the body, then this will be a weak spot, and the device won’t work as intended.
  • Materials: While there are limited materials in the construction of a penis pump, they do You need to be sure they’re body safe, and that they’ll prevent chafing.
  • Being user-friendly: This can be one factor that determines which penis pump to select. Depending upon the age or ability of the user, this can make it a struggle. Hydro penis pumps can be used singlehandedly, while manual penis pumps require both hands to be used.
  • Looks: While appearance isn’t something you’d really choose with a penis pump, you do need to consider the tube. This should be clear so you can see what’s happening to your penis when you pump.
  • Budget: There is a vast difference in cost, so you do need to consider your budget. While you don’t want to opt for the cheapest model, you don’t want to go out and spend a fortune before you know that you’re satisfied with the results a penis pump can bring.
  • Scientific research: There are a few penis pumps that come with medical backing because of their uses to alleviate erectile dysfunction problems. If possible, you should steer your choice to one which has been proven in its effectiveness and how they affect the user's body overall.
  • Comfort: This is the final thing you need to consider, and hydro pumps have the edge over their air-based counterparts. The sleeve at the bottom (which is used to pump the water from the cylinder) is softer compared to a harder coating of silicone around the base of the tube. Once you create a vacuum on either device, it will pull against the body. Although you won’t be wearing the device for extended periods, they can still become uncomfortable when using.

Additional Things to Consider

Considerations you need to think about are in the use of a penis pump because they can have a severe effect on the penis, and if misused, they can cause damage. Here are some of the usage considerations:

  • Pain and bruising: Some penis pumps are hard around the base where it sits against the body. Using them for extended periods or not having them placed correctly can (in some cases) mean bruising, as well as a general uncomfortable feeling. Hydro penis pumps go some way to alleviating this problem as they are much softer on the skin because of the way that they’re designed.
  • Reduced sensitivity in the penis: With prolonged use, there can be a lack of sensitivity from using a penis pump. This isn’t the pump itself, but the constriction ring (cock ring) that holds the blood inside the penis. These should only be worn for around 30 minutes, and after you’ve finished with the pumping.
  • Air vs. water: Air-based penis pumps can cause weirdly shaped bumps in the penis. This is rectified by hydro pumps as they deliver an even pressure around the penis. With air pumps, it is easy to over-pump even when there are recommendations, and this is why many now come with a pressure gauge. Many users think a little more pressure will deliver better results, but this isn’t true.
  • Penis dots: Overpumping can cause small dots to appear on the penis. This is called petechia and is actually under the skin bleeding. Hydro pumps can’t be over-pumped, so this problem should never occur with those types.

Penis pumps can deliver excellent results, but these are only temporary in the majority of users. When purchasing a penis pump, you do really need to weigh up the options about which device is better suited for your needs. Additionally, it doesn’t matter which equipment type you purchase, there will be recommendations of the amount of time you can use the device for, and how long you can wear the cock ring too.

The guidelines should be strictly adhered to, so that there’s no permanent injury or damage to the penis. One other thing you need to understand is; using a penis pump too regularly can take away some of the ability to gain an erection by regular means. Too much of a good thing can be just that. Bear that in mind.