Anal Beads


What Are Anal Beads?

There are plenty of people who look for ways to spice up their sex life. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of anal beads. Anal beads are a series of balls that are, in many cases, connected together by a cord or string.

Anal beads have a long history and reach back hundreds of years to Thailand where they were first thought to originate. Because of their enjoyment factor, they were quickly adopted by Western users.

They do come in a wide variety of configurations, sizes and types. In some cases, these cords have been replaced by a sturdier material. If this is the case, then they will resemble an anal dildo which consists of balls, rather than being phallically shaped.

All types of anal beads should have a loop in the end which will remain and stick out of the anus. Depending on user experience, you can find anal beads that have smaller beads on the insertion end and increase in size as you travel down the length. This can make it easier for the user to insert, right up to the point at which they are most comfortable.

Anal beads are also an ideal sex toy to be used on your own or to add some spice with a partner. They’re suitable for males and females alike.

Types of Anal Beads

The design of all anal beads is very similar, but there are some slight differences in design and construction.

Here is the basic rundown of all the types of anal beads that you might see when looking for your next fun toy.

Smooth beads – These are designed for beginners where the beads are small in size and will resemble undulating ribs rather than being totally round balls.

Big beads – These are much larger sized beads that will deliver extreme pleasure as they are pulled out of the anus.

Vibrating anal beads – These often come with fewer beads, but to replace the stimulation, one is fitted with small bullet vibrators to increase the pleasurable experience.

Flexible anal beads – These are the more traditional style and are connected by a cord. In use, they are often pulled from the anus during the climax to increase the pleasure, all ‘round.

Fixed anal beads – This is the type which can be used for in and out motions like dildos, as well as leaving in place until orgasm.

Because there are so many varieties of anal beads around, there are lots that are fixed together and come in a variety of lengths and circumferences for beads.

The traditional, corded variety usually has beads that are all the same size. They are less reliant on length because they are basically loose and will not penetrate by depth, and would be classed by how much they fill the anal passage and by where they sit.

How to Choose the Best Anal Bead for You

Choosing anal beads will come down to a few different factors. Some of these will be the same as with any other sex toy, and others will be based on the uniqueness of anal sex toys in general.

Here are the factors which are general and will be the same when choosing any anal sex toy…

Brand – Choosing a not-so-well known brand is never wise when purchasing sex toys. Anal sex toys emphasize this because of the part of the body these anal beads will be used in. Quality of construction is crucial, because beads can be separated by a cord or thin strands of silicone.

Size – This will be down to the user’s experience in using anal sex toys, and like any other toy, it’s advised that you start off small. For this reason, some of the silicone anal beads that are more rigid can be an excellent introduction for beginners, as they often come with smaller beads on the insertion end.

Material – Numerous materials are available and can include any of the following:

  • Silicone
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Glass

If you have any allergic reactions to certain materials, you can choose a material that you know is body safe. Check out the seller’s description and contact them if you’re unsure.

Texture – There are textured models available, but anal beads deliver more than enough texture, unless you want extreme anal pleasure.

Type – After these common factors are out of the way, you then come to the type of anal beads you desire. You can opt for anal beads of all the same size; where you will need to find the optimum surface area so your anus can comfortably accommodate them. Choose ladder anal beads where they increase in size the further you go up the stem, or you could choose the strings of beads that will come with a different quantity of fitted beads that matches experience levels.

What Are the Benefits

Plenty of users get anal beads and butt plugs confused. These are very different, but with the crossover from sex toy manufacturers, there are now butt beads too, and this is where the confusion lies.

If you chose large anal beads that are in a more rigid form, these could deliver repeated stimulation with in and out thrusting movements. These are used in the same way as anal dildos, but the stimulus comes from bursts of pushing and the feel of the expanse of the beads. These can be left inserted while intercourse is taking place, and a woman can receive additional internal stimulation as her partner's penis rubs against the vaginal wall and against the beads that are nestled in her butt.

Butt beads are tapered in the same way butt plugs are, and they are designed as a means of stretching the anus as a preparation for further anal play, with larger toys or physical anal sex.

When you use a traditional corded type of anal bead, then these won’t lead to any pleasure, and won’t feel either good or bad. They sit in place until you are ready to pull them out, and when doing so in time with an orgasm. In this scenario, they can generate a massive amount of increased stimulation each time one of the beads pops out of the anus.

Large anal beads (when inserted) can also deliver the full feeling that some individuals crave. This can come from both types of anal beads, be it the rigid or corded varieties.

Some Safety Considerations

Anal beads are a unique sex toy, so there are very special considerations you need for using them safely.

The most important factor is that there is some way of removing them. Loose anal beads should come with a loop on the end of the cord. Rigid anal beads should have a handle or something in place that can prevent them from going too far in.

Secondly; for corded models or semi-rigid ones that are connected by thin strands of silicone: before inserting, you should check these cords to make sure there is no sign of wear or tear. When pulling from the anus, these cords will be under pressure, and one that is worn could snap and leave some anal beads stuck inside the anus. On top of this, the knots that are in the cord can be very uncomfortable.

Lubrication is a must for all types of anal beads, regardless of their size. This should be placed on the beads themselves, and around the anus to help with insertion. To be safe, it’s better to use water-based lubricant rather than silicone-based. Because these beads will be inserted for a period of time, you should find a lube that won’t dry out too quickly, and before removing, more lube should be placed in and around the anus to help with removal.

Condom use is also a recommendation, this helps to keep them clean, but it also helps any risk of getting infections. If you use rigid anal beads, condoms won’t affect any of the sensations you will feel.

Where Can You Use Your Anal Beads

Anal beads can be used in a variety of scenarios, and either type can deliver some mind-blowing sensations. It was often said that anal beads were only to be pulled out during an orgasm, and although this does give the wearer some added stimulation, this is no longer the only way to use them.

Because of the number of designs, these anal beads can now be used in many ways. The ladder variety can be used for solo pleasure instead of using a regular anal dildo, and to take this further, there are anal beads that come with a suction cup too. Like any suction cup device, these can be fitted on any smooth surface where the user can pleasure themselves while gaining the undulating stimulation from each ball that pops in or out of the anus.

Anal beads can be worn for a few hours. These can deliver intense stimulation as the wearer goes about their business during the day or night. In fact, doing this can be an excellent warm up to sex or great for solo stimulation where they are worn as a means of excellent foreplay.

Anal beads, if they are made from a suitable material, can be cooled or heated to introduce some deep-rooted temperature play. This will be beads made of silicone, steel or glass. However, care must be taken where the cord is concerned, and this is because this might not be suitable for heating or cooling. Check with the seller or manufacturer to be sure.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Porous materials can absorb moisture, and with anal beads being inserted for an extended period, this can let moisture seep into the material that’s been used to create them. This is why it’s essential that the best materials are chosen.

Glass and stainless steel are nonporous so these won’t have this problem. However, again; the cord used might (and will most likely) be porous. Depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, these will probably require careful cleaning with warm soapy water, and if the cord is suitable, they can be boiled for a couple of minutes to sterilize.

Once they are clean, you’ll need to make sure the cord is thoroughly dry before storing. This will include the part of the cord that sits inside the bead too, as this will dry slower than the unimpeded parts. When this is dry, your anal beads should be placed in a protective pouch to stop dust and lint from getting on the toy.

Silicone anal beads can be treated in the same way, but you need to know that the surface is not actually totally nonporous, despite some advertisements that state otherwise. It does have water repelling properties and it definitely can hinder bacterial growth to some extent. Other incorporations are; silicone anal beads might feel tacky when dry, so to stop this, sprinkle them with cornstarch or dusting powder bought from the seller, to return the smooth surface. Place them away from other toys to prevent them from sticking.

The more rigid varieties of anal beads will still need to be washed in the same manner without boiling to sterilize, unless they’re made from materials that allow for this cleaning. Care must be taken around all the bumps and nodules down the shaft when washing.

When storing, keep all anal beads in a cool, dark and dry place, no matter what material they are made from.

Common Questions People Ask

If I use corded anal beads, how fast do I pull them out from my butt?

This is down to user preference, and anal beads can be pulled out as fast as you desire. However, by doing so, you might miss out on some serious stimulation. Pulling them out slowly, and one by one, may help you to gain repeated stimulation each time a bead pops out. Trial and error and loads of practice will be fun!

What do I do once I have anal beads inserted?

Again, this is down to user preference. Depending upon the length, or if they are rigid, you might be limited, but shorter varieties or the corded type can be left in for a few hours. Some users do this while they have sex or during another sexual scenario, like foreplay, for example. It’s even known for some wearers to go out of the house while wearing them, for some sneaky anal pleasure that only they know about! Pretty cool, huh?