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What Are Anal Toys?

Out of all the categories of sex toys, one of the most extensive sections is anal toys. So, what are anal sex toys exactly?

These sex toys are specially designed to suit and to stimulate anyone who has desires for anal stimulation. There is a large variety of devices, and they are often suitable for both males and females. Although it can be a bit daunting stepping into the world of anal play, many of these anal toys don’t require too much experience before users can begin.

Additionally, many can be used for solo anal stimulation or for dual play with partners. Anal toys can range from the very simple to the highly exotic and sophisticated, with some models being remote controlled as well.

Because the anal region is tighter than a vagina, many come with tapered ends for easy insertion, or they are thinner all the way along the shaft. That being said, there are options for the more experienced user that blow this design out of the water too.

Types of Anal Sex Toys

Here is a brief overview of all the anal sex toys you might come across or encounter when looking for your perfect toys:

Anal hooks – These are more common for users who have a BDSM or bondage fetish. They resemble meat hooks but with a ball on the end compared to a piercing hook. They come with a ring on the part that isn’t inserted and is often lifted by a rope or chain.

Anal beads – These are a series of balls or beads on a cord of some kind that fastens them in a line. One end has a loop which you can use to pull the beads out of the anus with. As you do this, it stretches and contracts the wall to provide varying stimulation.

Anal douches – These are in the form of a pump you fill with warm water. They are then inserted into the anal cavity where the water is squirted. When this comes out naturally, it leaves a cleaner opening that’s ready for anal play.

Anal dildos – These are designed for anal stimulation and come looking like a penis. They will have a flared base or testicles to prevent them from sliding in too far.

Prostate massagers – These are for men only and are curved so they can reach the prostate. They are either used for anal play or for health reasons to milk the prostate.

Tail butt plugs – These are butt plugs with fake fox, wolf or cat tails attached to them. These are for people who like role playing, and they’re fun to look at too.

Jeweled butt plugs – These are the same as a regular butt plug but with a large jewel embedded into it. Fancy!

Large butt plugs – These are definitely for the anal connoisseur who wants the extreme feeling. These toys are at the very limit of anal play.

Stainless steel butt plugs, glass butt plugs, and silicone butt plugs are similar in design but made with different materials. All three can be used for anal heat play.

Vibrating butt plugs – If a butt plug wasn't pleasurable enough in its own right, then add in some vibes, and you’re on an entirely different level.

Hollow butt plugs – These are the same as regular butt plugs, but with a hole down the middle. They are more flexible and can make things a little more comfortable for new users.

Inflatable butt plugs – These begin like a regular butt plug or a touch smaller. However, once inserted, you can pump away and really stretch those inner muscles to give you that really full feeling.

How to Choose Anal Toys & Butt Toys for You

With all the designs and types of anal toys that are available, a lot of how to choose the best one comes down to what it is that you desire. This can be one of the hardest decisions to make, whether you are a new user or you are experienced in the use of anal toys.

There are some decisions to make, and these are common across choosing any sex toy. But what is most important, no matter which anal or butt toy you want, is that you will be satisfied with the end result.

Here are some common factors to help you decide:

Size – This can help reach the desired stimulation and reach the required levels of satisfaction. If you are unsure, you can choose a smaller anal toy but in an inflatable design. You can then adapt to what feels comfortable. These can also help you to get used to larger toys later on, or to see if you like the feeling at all.

A good rule is, to begin with, to purchase smaller anal toys if you’re a beginner. You can choose bigger if you are more experienced. You might also find that large anal toys are not the most effective.

Material, shape and texture – This is such a broad area, but you can have silky smooth or ribbed and bobbled for more stimulation. Materials can also play a huge part if you want to experience hot or cold, and then there are only a few suitable.

Shapes are down to your imagination, and comparing a butt plug to an anal hook is almost impossible. So try out a few types to see what your pleasure is. That’s where the fun begins…

What Are the Benefits of Anal Toys?

Anal toys have all sorts of benefits. There is the health aspect in men, and stimulating the prostate can also bring lots of sexual satisfaction. Butt plugs can make the vagina tighter while still adding more stimulation to the nerves buried in the anus.

With larger anal toys, there is a full feeling that some people enjoy, and which brings them a great deal of satisfaction, pleasure wise.

One of the most considerable benefits is that anal play when connected with BDSM or bondage is still seen as taboo, and partakers in this are able to live out their wildest fantasies. This is something that regular sex toys just can’t achieve. It’s up to you to decide what you like.

Anal Toys & Some Safety Considerations

Because all of these toys are designed for anal use, there are some unique variations of safety measures and considerations.

Most of the butt plug devices have flared bases so they won’t be able to slip too far inside the anus. Anal dildos and prostate massagers are also designed so they won’t venture too far unless you choose a longer length, but when it comes to slippage, they are safe. Anal beads might be the one anal sex toy which is different though. There is a loop, but this doesn’t mean the person pushing the beads in has their finger through the loop. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines before use.

The more significant safety concerns are when you begin using the large butt plugs and the inflatable butt plugs. These can put more pressure on the anus, and if your body isn’t used to it, they can cause pain or in a worst case scenario, they might tear the sensitive skin of the wall inside.

Anal douches don’t have many safety concerns, apart from making sure you have some lube on the small tube, and the water you use isn’t too hot. This can be a nasty shock when you squirt it into the anus. What is warm to your hand might be too hot for the inside of your anal cavity.

Out of all the anal sex toys that can cause damage the most are the anal hooks. If they are being used and the person they are inserted in to slips, they may be unforgiving and cause severe pain and possible tearing or bleeding. These are for very experienced users only.

With anal sex toys, cleanliness needs to be adhered to with all types.

Where Can You Use Your Anal Sex Toys?

Possibilities are endless, and as there are a few of these anal sex toys designed for role playing, they can be used in any scenario where this fits. Butt plugs can be used for solo play, or with a partner.

These can also be used as an easy way to simulate double penetration, or to add more stimulation and vaginal tightness when masturbating, during sex, when alone, or with a partner.

Tailed butt plugs are often used when there are a group of people, and they are used for decoration, but there are also the people who have a fetish for fur and like the idea of having sexual play with something that has a furry appendage. It’s a style thing too.

Prostate massagers are frequently used on a male partner, not for health reasons, but to give them the sensation of having an all over body orgasm. These can induce very different orgasms that are nothing like a penis stimulation orgasm.

All the other toys are versatile and can be used for fun play and are designed for ease of anal penetration, or they are used between partners to deliver never before experienced levels of stimulation.

Anal sex toys (for the more experienced) are sometimes used in group settings where humiliation is one of the main motives for anal play. Anal hooks are one of the easiest ways of making the wearer feel this in a BDSM or bondage setting. It can make any sexual interaction all the more intense through limited movement before feeling discomfort or even pain. Always have a ‘safe word’ that is a trusted word between parties. Discuss this before sexual play begins.

How to Take Care of Your Anal Toys

All anal toys need extra care when it comes to cleaning. This is purely because of the body part they are being used on.

Because there are many different materials in play, there are different considerations for cleaning and care.

Glass, steel or silicone anal sex toys can we washed under warm soapy water, and for full sterilization, they can be placed in a bowl of hot water for a couple of minutes, or they can be run through the dishwasher. Once this has been done, they need to be dried thoroughly. Glass and steel can be stored safely in their original packaging before being placed in a safe, cool and dry place, while silicone might feel sticky after being cleaned. These will need coating in cornstarch (or powder bought for the toy) before they are placed in a protective bag and stored in a sex toy storage box. Place them away from bright light and high humidity.

It’s best to make sure none of the softer types of toys can touch each other, and this is to prevent them from deforming or sticking to any other anal sex toy of a similar material. Additionally, bacteria spread and mold is also possible too. Clean before and after use, drying thoroughly.

Many of these anal sex toys are more durable in nature, and with careful care, they can give plenty of years’ service.

Common Questions People Ask about Anal Sex Toys

I have heard anal can hurt, is this true?

The sphincter is a strong part of the body, but it is also delicate and contains thousands of nerve endings. Readying the body for anal play does take time. This is the reason a lot of anal sex toys are tapered so as not to go full force. With lots of lube and taking your time, the anus will relax and get used to anal play. You might even “come” to love it, pardon the pun!

Which position is best for anal play?

If you are new to anal play, the most natural and comfortable position is doggy style. This is the same for solo play or with a partner. Suction cup anal dildos are ideal for this, mostly because you can set the height and control how hard you back on to the dildo to receive the best amount of comfort and pleasure. Mmmm…