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What Are Anal Vibrators?

Anal vibrators are designed for enjoyable and intense stimulation of the anal cavity or anus. They are used by both men and women for sexual play. All anal vibrators have the same go-to feature, and that is that they promote and sustain a vibrating effect in the rectum for the sheer pleasure of the user.

Anal vibrators are unique because they have a flared base to prevent them from getting stuck inside the rectum. The anal vibrator is much smaller in size and will be from four to six inches in length, and about an inch in width, in most cases. In fact, anal vibrators are usually operated via battery operation. This will be via a rechargeable battery for wall to plug use, or utilizing disposable batteries which can be replaced when they have used their charge.

All types of vibrating anal toys may or may not have various featured effects. But some of them will have actions that include: rotation, vibration or pulsation, and most will allow for different speed or vibration levels which can be adjusted so that the user can enjoy various sensations during play.

Types of Anal Vibrators

  • Vibrating Anal Probes: These are smaller and are around the size of a human finger, and this makes them a wonderful sex toy for beginners. Anal probe vibrators are also slimmer because their primary function is to slide and vibrate as they give pleasure.
  • Vibrating Butt Plugs: Well designed to stay inside the anus to create a feeling of fullness and maintain the vibrating stimulation in conjunction with that full feeling. They may be placed and left for anal stimulation during masturbation, or during sexual play and/or intercourse.
  • Vibrating Anal Beads & Balls: Containing a number of small beads or balls which link together via a retrievable cord which connects to a powered control. They usually are able to vibrate at different speeds depending on the model you buy.

How to Choose the Right Anal Vibrators for You

It’s highly recommended that you choose a smaller product to begin with, and this is generally because you can always work your way up to larger ones as your body becomes accustomed to anal play.

Anal plugs can be utilized during sexual intercourse and solo play and offer an enjoyable feeling of fullness that many people find very pleasurable and satisfying. The most popular anal sex toys are usually plugs, beads and vibrators, maintaining the feature of the flared base to incorporate safety and a feeling of total control for the user.

What Are the Benefits

Prostate Massage

For men, the stimulation of the prostate can offer an array of health and sensual benefits that go hand in hand. The prostate, likened to the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot, is a medium, pebble-sized, semen storage gland. It lives at the base of the penis and is located just below the bladder. It can be aroused externally through pressure against the perineum and/or internally via the rectum. Anal stimulation seems to garner better results within the sexual arena though, especially when compared to pressure on the perineum.

Factually speaking, semen can build up in the prostate, creating the potential for bacterial growth and no movement in that area. This can cause swelling and inflammation or a condition known as prostatitis. Overall, the take home message is that an enlarged prostate can allow for unwanted urinary and erectile problems, which are stressful and uncomfortable for the male. These conditions may disrupt sleep and sexual function within males. So, additionally, utilizing prostate massage can help to relax tension and stress in the muscles and nerve endings within the prostate area, and prevent the symptoms mentioned earlier.

Masturbation for Both Sexes

The big plus for men and women alike, is that masturbation is a beneficial practice.

We already touched on how it can reduce the risk of prostatitis and thus help to prevent the potential risk of developing prostate cancer in men. Many studies have proven that men aged 20-50 years who masturbated more than 5 times each week were 33% less likely to develop prostate cancer. In essence, carcinogens are flushed out from the prostate gland during ejaculation, which in turn helps in reducing the buildup of seminal fluid.

For men and women, masturbation reduces stress and tension. When we engage in sexual pleasure, we produce dopamine. This is a wonderful hormone that makes us feel great and endorphins are released which gives us a sense of overall wellbeing. The blood pressure is also relieved by the lowering of it, after masturbation.

Masturbation is self-maintained and therefore means that it’s a stress-free act. There is no performance needed toward another, making it the easiest thing we can achieve on our own, once we feel at ease to do so. Additionally, there is no risk of contracting sexual diseases or infections when masturbating, due to the lack of physical contact with another.

Masturbation can be a big help when one partner requires more sexual activity than the other person. It can also help couples to find extra ways of satisfying their partners sexually. Additionally, if it feels good when you do it, then you can tell your partner too.

Masturbation also aids in self awareness and sexual satisfaction. People who masturbate are more likely to have better sexual health. This is because they are aware of how their body feels and so they will generally notice when something is not right, like if they feel stressed, for example.

Using an anal vibrator during masturbation can help to get to the end game of orgasm, and this helps to encourage great health and self exploration, sexually speaking. This is true for solo or partnered play.

Some Safety Considerations

Perhaps the most common safety consideration is about risk, or losing your vibrator inside of your rectum. It’s super important that you don’t use a vaginal vibrator inside your anus, because it definitely increases this risk. To avoid this, you should ensure that your vibrator always has a flared base. It can get lost otherwise, and this is not something you want to try.

Use loads of lube. Don’t use silicone-based lube with a silicone sex toy. It can actually break down the surface of the toy and allow it to become porous, which in turn can allow for bacterial or viral health concerns.

Remember, lubrication is the most pivotal aspect of all, especially for anal play. Without great lubrication, it might lead to irritation, chaffing, tearing, and even bleeding. So if you plan to insert something anally, make sure it is smothered with lube, and then it will slide in painlessly and with ease.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

In truth, the very best way to clean any sex toy is often to follow the directions on the packaging. These cleaning directions are made to effectively clean your toys and keep them in their best shape. Storage indications will also apply.

Soap and Warm-to-Hot Water

A good bathing with soap and hot water is usually perfect for most sex toys. Lather up the toy with a major addition of antibacterial soap and let the foam sit there for a few moments to kill bacteria and other viral germs. Be sure to keep the battery section out of the water though. And never plug it in during cleaning if it’s a rechargeable toy. Use the hottest water you can to thoroughly rinse and clean the toy well, with a good rinse to avoid leaving any soapy residue behind.

Plain warm-to-hot water may be the best option to clean some toys, without the need for antibacterial or disinfectant-type soaps. This is particularly the case for toys made from porous substances, including rubber or vinyl. In these cases, these materials will trap and hold soaps and other chemicals within their makeup.

Whether you’re cleaning a toy with or without soap, depending upon the substance it’s made from, it should be allowed to air dry and can even be dusted with cornstarch to prevent stickiness.

Common Questions People Ask

Will it hurt me?

Anal sex is a very unique type of experience that does involve some factors. In reality, it might hurt a little the first time you try it, or until you get used to the sensation. But really, there is no rule that anal sexual play will hurt at all, even during the first instance. With the right preparation using loads of lubrication, and with gentle stimulation, anal penetration can feel exceptionally pleasurable for both men and women alike.

Sometimes the pain can be caused through nervousness and apprehension, not using enough lubrication, or going too fast and trying to insert something too big. It’s super-important to set realistic goals, because, despite popular belief, anal sex can be successful on your first attempt. Think ahead to avoid any unnecessary pain and always partake in your play when fully relaxed. These factors are the key to your long-term success.

Will it be literally dirty?

Yes, it could be, but usually it’s not, especially when the anal cavity is clear. Sometimes the fact that it might be dirty scares some people away from even attempting anal play, which really is unfortunate. We are pretty-much taught to not enjoy anything remotely to do with the rear end, because yes, it is definitely a place where bacteria are high on the agenda. Clean play can occur when the area is well washed and when the passage is clear.

In truth, faeces are not stored inside the rectum, but further down and in the colon, which means you are fairly safe during anal play, as long as there’s no need to defecate during the time of play.

You can also take a bath or have a shower before your play to get cleaned up. You can even clean inside the rectum with a douche that’s specifically for the anus, and these are called anal douches. Keep a cleanup cloth nearby, or some wipes, and you’ll always feel safe during play. You can even use your anal vibrator whilst lying on a towel.

Can I have an orgasm?

Yes! Men and women have the opportunity to orgasm from anal play, and anal vibrators are made for that very reason.

For men it’s the perfect spot, and for women it can be a whole other type of sensation when compared to a vaginally-inspired or clitoral orgasm.

In fact, for women, particularly in the doggie-style position, they may find that they can easily have anal sex orgasms. The membrane that separates the rectum from the vagina is extremely thin, so in many instances, the G-spot is stroked and stimulated very pleasurably during anal sex and/or anal play.

The Best Anal Vibrator Will Always Have These 3 Things

  1. Ease of use. The anal vibrator will be easy to charge or have a section for batteries with visual to help place them. The product should also come with instructions and a cleaning regime for that specific product.
  2. Features to enhance play and keep it safe. Speed settings, cleaning instructions, storage suggestions, and any safety precautions. A set of instructions explaining how the toy is used. A long battery life. A choice of colors and sizes for all to enjoy.
  3. Be made of nonporous materials. For safety and to negate the spread of infection. Cleaning and storage instructions are also a big plus when making your purchase.

Anal Vibrators Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Anal play is super exciting and can be even better when paired with an anal vibrator. Adding stimulus that shakes during your anal play experience can often lead to some very explosive and amazing orgasms.

The types of anal vibrators that you choose will typically be determined by what type of play you like. Remember, start small, but try a few different types to see what feels good for you.

Anal orgasms are achieved by stimulation of the anus. This type of penetration can indirectly stimulate the G-spot for females, and very directly stimulate the prostate for males. The use of anal vibrators can allow for fun play and the sexual gratification desired, whether going solo or with a partner.

Allow Yourself to Try Anal Vibrators in the Privacy of Your Own Home

Discretion is the major key for relaxation purposes and privacy too. You may or may not like the sensation. Trying such a new sex toy in the privacy of your own home can be a fun and unique experience.

Make sure you buy an anal vibrator with a flared base for safety, lubricate it very well, and enjoy the pleasure from your toy. Always allow your body to relax first, and once you try it, you’ll be able to pick out the best anal vibrator for you. It’ll be up to you on the size, color, features, and type that you choose to buy. You might want to own more than one, and keep your sexual play super adventurous.

But remember, the most important thing to do is to have fun, both safely and effectively. Remember to never share your toys. STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) and infections can be shared that way. Stay safe, always. Your fun should never cause risk to yourself or another.