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Ben Wa Balls

You might think that a ball is a ball and there isn’t that much difference. However, ben wa balls do come in plenty of variations in aid of delivering the ultimate orgasm. They are also known as geisha balls, orgasm balls, love balls, kegel balls, venus balls and they are great for doing kegel exercises. If you are new to ben wa balls, our comprehensive buyer guide will provide everything you need to know.

Here is a rundown of the ben wa ball types you can find:

  • Conventional – These are the standard balls that are similar to marbles in size.
  • Weighted – These are much heavier than regular balls. Some allow users to adjust the weight so they can offer versatility.
  • Duotone – These are hollow inside. On occasion, you might find them with smaller balls inside which make a noise as they move.
  • Magnetic – The name says it all, these are steel and are magnetic.
  • Vibrating – These come with built-in vibrating motors and are often remotely controlled.
  • Corded – These come with a cord connecting them together in the same way as anal beads do. This makes it easier to remove.
  • Without cords – These are just balls and are better to use during intercourse.

Materials used have also changed, and you can now get steel, glass, silicone, abs plastic, and some come in jade too.

How to Choose Kegel Balls for You

Choosing kegel balls isn’t like selecting any other sex toy because there are very minor differences. However, there are enough things you do need to consider when looking for the best kegel balls for you.

Price is one consideration, and just because they can be expensive, it doesn’t mean they will be any better than the more affordable options. It is much better to check reviews of popular sellers and brand names and stick to these.

Customer reviews for sex toys are quite honest because they quickly point out any point of failure for kegel balls and other sex toys.

Two of the more common areas you can choose that could make a difference are noted below:

Size can make a difference, but for new users, they are better starting off with the larger ones because they are easier to keep in place. New users should also choose ones without weights as these can also be hard to hold in position.

Ben wa balls can come in sizes of just under an inch and reach up to larger sizes of about 4 inches. The secret for kegel balls is comfort more than feeling them rock around too much. With the ball size, there are differences in the cords that connect them together too. These can be from a couple of inches to over 4 inches in length.

The material will be the second largest choice as they come in a variety of materials. Kegel balls now come in steel, glass, silicone, plastic, and a few others. However, it is advisable to stick to stainless steel and some glass models if they will be inserted for extended periods, as these are the most body safe materials for most people.

Silicone models can be ideal for new users who only wear them for limited periods, and they can be easier to hold in because they are often lighter.

What Are the Benefits

There are plenty of health benefits of ben wa balls, as well as those that can lead to sexual pleasure. Here are a few health benefits they can deliver…

Ben wa balls can help to build and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in women. This can help women of all ages as these are muscles which are used to stop or hold the flow of urine.

There are also benefits which support the bladder, uterus and even the rectum after regular kegel ball exercises are performed well.

When it comes to sexual pleasure, this is down to the condition of the kegel muscles. In intimate moments when a woman squeezes, this can help with her pleasure, and it can also give pleasure to her partner as well.

As a side note to this, orgasms can become more intense after regular use of kegel balls. During use, the vagina is continually flexing to keep the balls in position, so this helps the muscles to get exercise.

One last benefit is; if you leave the balls inside the vagina during intercourse, these deliver additional stimulation to the wearer and also the male partner as the balls move around inside.