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What Are Black Dildos?

There are lots of dildos, but none are quite as spectacular as the black dildo. These are molded on the physique of African men.

Although classed as black dildos, there are plenty of shades to accommodate every taste in color. An array of colors can be chosen, but black is the most popular in many cases, it seems. Black dildos are almost always realistic in look and feel.

Black dildos often overemphasize the bulging veins and large head, and although they are usually on the larger size, they do come in smaller sizes to accommodate all tastes and preferences. They are not for the faint of heart and can take any woman’s breath away, and it can take an insatiable appetite to take one of these on a regular basis. Even the wildest fantasies can be made a reality with one of the many black dildos that you can find on the market. Made for vaginal and anal play and masturbation, they are for internal use.

Different Types and Styles

Without going too far into other categories, there are a few types that you can find. The most common being the realistic black dildo which packs extra length and girth too. Many come in at ten inches or above, and are as realistic as ever.

One trend that is hugely popular for realistic black dildos is that they’re molded on actual male members from the porn industry. Now it is possible for a woman to fulfill her fantasies. It’s kinda sexy really!

Other varieties are nonrealistic. This loses out on the sizeable swollen cock head and the bulging shaft veins, and in place, they offer a sleek design while retaining the generous size of a black penis.

Other types have added realism, and there are lots of black dildos that come with large testicles to simulate the rubbing against the body when the dildo is fully inserted.

Additionally, for those who want to take their black dildo to another location, there are the ones which come with a suction cup. Here, it’s possible to stick this to a chair and straddle and be in total control of the monster underneath you. Your imagination might even take you to the shower wall.

There are also strap on black dildos too. Here you can really take on the dominating role and drive your partner wild with a larger-than-life black dildo as you thrusts away, driving your partner wild.

How to Choose the Right Big Black Dildo for You

With most black dildos being almost true to life, with their bulging veins, soft squidgy testicles, and sizeable swollen head, it’s time to see how you can choose the right one for your pleasure.

The major thing is the size. Black dildos do come in much larger sizes than their vanilla cousins, but there is no reason to purchase one which is way too large and that won’t bring you any pleasure.

If you are new to using a dildo, you can start with a smaller model before working your way up to huge dildos, or just stay in your comfort zone, it’s totally up to you. There are plenty of lifelike models that are easier to accept of around seven or eight inches. These will not have as much girth, and they will be an excellent introduction to getting started.

Depending on how you want your fun, you’ll need to decide upon the versatility. If you know it will be used for solo play only, then one with a suction cup is an easy choice. But if you plan on using it with your partner, then you might need to choose one that’s more standardized.

When it comes to the materials used, this will dictate the type you go for. Women choose black dildos to be lifelike in most instances, so you might not want one with a smoother surface and a hard casing. Most realistic dildos are soft and squidgy and can be easily gripped in your fingers as you guide it closer for penetration. This type is often made from cyber skin or silicone, and great manufacturers create them so that they deliver a very realistic feeling when in your hand, or when inside and giving pleasure.

What Are the Benefits

When it comes to the benefits, it’s more often to do with satisfaction other than anything else. Benefits you can find are below.

Black dildos can stimulate senses you never knew you had, and no matter if you are alone or with your partner; you will find you are squirming around in complete ecstasy; well that’s what most women say. If you use a black dildo in front of your partner, you can watch their senses being stimulated as they watch you being teased and pleasured by a large cock.

Black dildos can be used as genital therapy. Small dildos won’t stretch the vagina in the same way, but with a big dildo, you can really use it when trying to strengthen your kegel muscles. With regular use, you can clench the vagina for added stimulation to your partner, or help enhance your own orgasms immensely.

One of the last benefits is exploration. With gut-wrenching orgasms and sexual relief with or without your partner, you can find both of you get a real thrill out of exploring the sexy side of using these.

Some Safety Considerations

Black dildos can very often be bigger than other options, so with this in mind, they do need some careful consideration when being used.

Size does matter, and if your body is incapable of taking something as large as a big black dildo, then it doesn’t matter how excited you are, it just won’t fit. This can leave you highly frustrated, or even turned off by the experience. There are smaller versions, so start there first.

Any large dildo will require lots of lubrication, both on the dildo itself, and inside the vagina. These need to be water based for safety, because some lube will react with the black dildo materials otherwise. Always check the guidelines given for your unique toy.

For any dildo use, it’s always recommended for the user to use a condom. Most of this is down to the fact that there are lots of people who have allergic reactions to some of the materials. These condoms also need to be water based. Silicone based condoms may react with big black dildos of the realistic type.

When you remove your dildo from the original packaging, you need to thoroughly inspect the surface. You should check for deformities in the surface where there might be sharp edges or tears. This might be harder because the black color won’t show these as easy as other colors might do.

Realistic dildos might be soft to the touch, but they have an inner core that provides rigidity. If these find their way to the surface, then you might catch your skin and it could cause cuts or lacerations. Check your toy/s regularly.

Cleaning and Storage Tips

Black dildos can take a lot of care compared to smaller dildos. For lifelike black dildos the surface will be porous, and this means it will let in moisture. This can be from the warm soapy water you use to clean it, or it can be from bodily fluids that are secreted and stick to the shaft of the black dildo.

When you wash these, you can use a gentle dishwashing soap that has antibacterial properties, or you can purchase a dedicated adult toy cleaner. These should be cleaned for around thirty seconds to a minute, and be sure to get inside all the bumps and veins too, and under the head where bacteria might breed.

If your black dildo is made from silicone only, these are safe to place in boiling water, or you can put them in the top of the dishwasher to clean.

Once you have cleaned your black dildo, it needs to be air dried before you consider putting it away. At this point, the surface might appear sticky. A quick sprinkle with renewal powder you can purchase will prevent this stickiness and make the surface of your black dildo nice and smooth again.

When storing, keep your black dildo in the original carry pouch that should be provided at purchase. This prevents dust from settling on your toy. The area where you store your black dildo needs to be cool without too much humidity, and because of the nature of the materials used. Make sure your toy doesn’t touch any hard objects or other adult sex toys.

When Should I Use My Black Dildos?

There is no right or wrong time when you should use your black dildo. It can be for solo play, or when you are with your partner. Black dildos are happy to be used during foreplay or along with any other sexual activity.

Because of the size though, black dildos are not suitable for anal penetration, but this doesn’t mean your partner can’t perform anal sex while you have vaginal penetration with your black dildo. This type of double penetration isn’t only safer, but it can fulfill a wild fantasy without bringing in a third person. Always use safe sex practices to avoid STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Although your black dildo can be washed in water, unless it’s specifically manufactured as waterproof, you shouldn’t use them in the bath or shower. However, if they are designed to cater for this, it can be pleasing because you might find penetration easier with lots of water around. Or kinkier.

Common Questions People Ask

My man wants me to use a black dildo and harness, which is the best position for anal penetration?

Remember, black dildos are made either for vaginal or anal sex. Always purchase the right type for the use you’ll need it for. The best two positions are missionary and doggy style. Missionary is the most intimate, but depending on how your partner's testicles hang, you might have to hold them out of the way. Doggy style is much more comfortable as long as he lowers his hips enough. This gives the best view for the woman wearing the black dildo and provides the best access for intimate spanking too, if that’s your thing.

I’ve heard you can get mold on realistic dildos. How will I know if I have it on my black dildo?

Mold shows up as black spots, and it can be harder to see on a black dildo. But these dots should be much darker in color, and with good light, they should be visible with close scrutiny. This shows why cleaning correctly is essential. Always clean your toys before and after every use.