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What Are Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs have become one of the more popular forms of sex toy that are used in anal play. Although they are very simple by design, they allow users to enjoy hands-free anal stimulation which can be pleasurable for extended periods of time.

A butt plug performs a simple task and does so in a very effective manner. Like some anal toys that might want to vanish inside a rectum, a butt plug will stay precisely where it’s supposed to be.

There are a large number of individuals who use a butt plug as preparation for further anal play. They can stretch and relax muscles that make this possible. However, this is not their only use.

A butt plug will generally consist of a tapered end which can easily be inserted into the anus, and then it increases in size toward the middle of the device, before narrowing again by the base. In fact, it has the flared base to prevent the vacuum created by the anus sucking it in, and it has the bulbous portion that stops it from falling out too.

Different Types and Styles

These devices are straightforward, but this hasn’t stopped manufacturers from coming up with all sorts of different types, and ones which have very different characteristics from one another.

Tail Plugs – A tail butt plug will be like a regular butt plug on the insertion end. However, these differ because they come with an animal’s tail connected to them. These can deliver high amounts of sexual stimulation to the wearer and partners involved, but also, these tails can be used as a means of removing the butt plug, or for role play fun.

Jeweled Plugs – This type brings a little elegance to something which, in many cases, looks slightly dull. These are often made from stainless steel, so they warm to the body, and with the large jewel they add a sparkle to the proceedings. These are usually the type women wear for extended periods because of the steel’s smooth surface.

Princess Plugs – Like the jeweled variants, these princess plugs can also come in a silicone construction as well as stainless steel. The colored crystals are embedded into the top and make any anal play much more colorful and elegant. Some models also come in gold which can make a very refreshing change to the silver color of stainless steel, and can be worn for long-time pleasure.

Large Plugs – These are for more experienced users who like to experience the extra full feeling. These can stimulate deep inside and can include the prostate, and help with DP (deep penetration) stimulation with a partner. Some don’t offer extra length, but they make up for it in a massive girth.

Stainless Steel Plugs – These can be used to wear over extended periods because they are smooth and can be used with less lubricant than other materials. They come in plenty of designs, without taking away any of the comforts of the sleek lines.

Silicone Plugs – This type can come in many more designs than other materials because the material is easier to mold. The material is soft and flexible and can be a more natural choice for beginners. They are also highly durable and can be easily cleaned.

Glass Plugs – A glass plug is pleasing on the eye and although they come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs, it is the clear glass butt plugs that are often favored most. If you have a front row seat, you get a perfect view inside your partner's anus. And who said transparent was boring?

Vibrating Plugs – Overlooked as an erogenous zone, the anus can provide sensations that are beyond anything else. A vibrating butt plug can be used by males and females for self pleasure, or with a partner where you can both benefit from the stimulation and vibration during play or intercourse.

Hollow Plugs – These are very different from the other types. Where others are constructed from solid materials, these are hollow and so deliver a degree of flexibility. Not only are they comfortable for new users, but they are more than capable of opening up more possibilities. The hollow core can accommodate a vibrator, a dildo or even a finger if that’s what floats your boat.

Inflatable Plugs – One thing that can drag down an experience with a butt plug is boredom from the same size. These inflatable butt plugs are versatile. They can be used for beginners who prefer a smaller size, and then they can inflate more as they feel comfortable. They are great for testing the limits on yourself, or on your partner. Now, who said a butt plug was dull?

How to Choose the Right Butt Plug for You

Because there are so many varieties of butt plug you can choose, the criterion here are broken down into sections for you to consider:

Make sure it’s safe – Some manufacturers produce butt plugs which are not exactly as safe as they claim. Any butt plug should come with a flared base that is wider than the bulb part. This can stop it being sucked in further, unexpectedly.

Consider your butt plugs size – You might think you are capable of handling a large butt plug. In reality, this is usually very far from the case. It’s better to opt for a smaller one first up. To be sure, test out the size you prefer. A couple of fingers are a good start.

Think about how you want to wear it – An anal plug might not only be for bedroom frolics, and you might want to wear it while you’re out and about. You need to choose one which is designed for long term wear, and make sure that the base isn’t too large.

Consider the material – It’s great to get an easy-to-clean model. Other considerations are comfort and durability as well as the feel. Nonporous materials are the best option and include glass, steel, silicone, rubber, and plastic.

Hardness – This is more about how rigid the butt plug is. This does need consideration because some rigid models are fantastic in the bedroom, but as they are solid, they are not ideal for wearing under clothes and walking around with. Try a softer model if that’s the goal.

What Are the Benefits

One of the main benefits of anal plugs is that they train the butt and stretch it ready for further anal play. This can be other anal toys, or it can be for anal sex with a partner.

There are other benefits than just this, and it shows why a simple device is so versatile. Many users enjoy the full feeling once an anal plug has been inserted, and this can bring an element of fulfillment that is very different from many other types of pleasure or play.

Anal plugs are also used for prostate stimulation in men. Many are the ideal length and can be inserted and worn rather than having to manually use a dildo or prostate massager. In some cases, these are coupled with a butt plug which vibrates on the tip. These can send vibrations deeper inside and can stimulate the prostate, or in women, they can send vibrations to the perineal sponge and the anterior fornix. This erogenous zone is called the A-spot. Who knew?

One of the best-known benefits of wearing a butt plug is when individuals orgasm. The anus is filled with thousands of sensitive nerve endings and during orgasm, these are stimulated because the anus contracts. When a user wears a butt plug and has an orgasm, this intensifies the stimulation of these nerve endings. Hence, you can have a more satisfying orgasm overall.

Additionally, anal plugs are an excellent way for individuals to enjoy anal play without being overwhelmed by any ‘in and out’ type motions.

Some Safety Considerations

There are some careful considerations to make when it comes to safety. Never share them with a partner or friend because they can easily pass on any bacteria or infections.

Lube is another area where you have to pay caution, the anus doesn’t produce its own lubrication, so you do need to lubricate during use. If you are wearing it around town, this can be more crucial as the chance of lube drying up is a definite likelihood.

Pain is a sign that you don’t have enough lube, or the butt plug is too large for you. As soon as there’s any discomfort, you must stop immediately. On occasions, if you have an allergy to the lube in use, or get one that is not from a reliable supplier and the materials are not body safe, you might feel itching or even a burning sensation. Stop and wash yourself. Always buy from a reputable seller.

One thing to keep in mind is that removal is harder than the insertion in most instances. As well as easing it with your fingers, try to use your body muscles to push it out.

Where Can You Use Your Anal Plugs?

Anal plugs can be used in all manner of ways or locations. Many women or men wear them while strolling around. This can deliver intense stimulation as they walk.

Other occasions can be in solo play, where a woman wants to simulate double penetration. She can easily insert a butt plug and use a dildo inside her vagina. Likewise, she can do the same with a partner and wear an anal plug while they have straight sex too. This not only delivers a benefit to her, but the vagina might feel tighter, and the partner may feel the anal plug through the thin membrane inside and receive stimulation that way.

One of the more common ways anal plugs are used is in preparation for anal sex between partners. This can be a timesaver when they are having vaginal sex and wish to change over to anal. Using a butt plug in this way means the anus will be relaxed and ready for more anal fun.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Butt plugs are quite easy to care for, but you do need to care for them carefully. It isn’t only the materials in their construction, but the sensitivity of the anus the next time you use your anal plug. And this is why so many individuals choose the nonporous materials; they are easier to clean and running them under warm water with soap is often enough before they sterilize them. This can be done in boiling water or in the dishwasher.

Any butt plugs which come with extra features, such as vibrating anal plugs, princess plugs or ones with tails attached, will need removal of what is able, and clean them according to the manufacturer's recommendations. No vibrating units should be submerged in water because this can corrode the electrical contacts.

Softer plugs might feel sticky once washed, and to correct this, all it takes is a quick dousing with cornstarch or a powder bought from the seller. Storage areas need to be dry and cool and your butt plugs need to be placed inside protective bags for extra protection from germs, lint and dust.

Common Questions People Ask

Can I use my butt plug for temperature play?

If your butt plug is made from suitable materials such as glass or steel, then yes, they can be used for temperature play. Just don’t forget; what is warm or cold to the hand can be very different when you insert the butt plug internally. Be super careful, every time.

Will a glass butt plug ever break?

Reliable manufacturers use the same type of glass that is used in cookware. This is very strong, but if you decide on a glass butt plug, you’ll need to check the neck of the glass plug to make sure it’s reinforced enough. If you ever drop a glass plug, you’ll also need to check for cracks no matter how strong they say the glass is. Safety must always be the goal.