Butterfly Vibrators


What Are Butterfly Vibrators?

Butterfly vibrators are sex toys designed specifically for the stimulation of the clitoris. The idea was first invented by Joani Blank, a sex enthusiast and avid author. The toy, in its essence, resembles a butterfly. The body section arouses and pleasures the clitoris, and the wings of the design are made to pleasure the labia and nearby nerves in that region. The sexy butterfly vibrator is fitted with straps that wrap around a woman's waist and thighs to keep it secure and in place for hands-free stimulation.

It’s quite widely known that this particular type of vibrator can give a woman a very powerful orgasm, and this is distinctly because it vibrates and stimulates right up against the clitoris. And due to its hands-free nature and clever design archetype, it can be used solo while masturbating or with a willing partner during foreplay, role play or sexual intercourse. A fun fact: the very first original butterfly vibrator was created to look just like a delicate butterfly, but numerous other designers have incorporated other designs, like the ones which look like dolphins, or even birds.

In terms of saleability, butterfly vibrators are real eye catchers and in most circumstances can nearly always promise real, intensively-inspired orgasms too. These sex toys mesmerize women in terms of appearance and for their powerful stimulation abilities as well. Most women are simply stunned by the intensity used to arouse and proclaim a woman who is looking to find the perfect ‘O’ through masturbation or sexual play.

Butterfly vibrators really do perfectly cling to every woman's vagina. And depending on the model chosen, these butterfly vibrators can stimulate you vaginally or anally. For that reason, a feature enabled by many of them also allows for small dildos or plugs which are worked into the vibrator's mechanism inside.

Some models have a small butterfly on the shaft to stimulate your clitoris with purpose-built antennae. The features and diversity available makes it functional and unique. Many women claim that it’s their favorite sex toy, hands down and without a doubt.

Most butterfly sex toys are battery operated. They are available with up to ten vibration levels which can sit directly on the vibrator or via a remote control. Butterfly vibrators can be packed easily and discreetly into luggage for traveling, and look close enough to normal underwear because of their clever and delicate design.

Types of Butterfly Vibrators & Butterfly Sex Toys

The wireless butterfly vibrators are classic versions of the original archetype, incorporating a clit-stimulating butterfly with the addition of adjustable waist and thigh straps for a closer, more secure fit. Usually sold in conjunction with one of the easily removable, multi-speed, bullet vibrators for more variety in play, it’s very easy to understand why it’s a uniquely-brilliant favorite amongst the ladies. This type can also be waterproof, depending upon the model you buy, and so you can even take it into the tub for some very pleasing bath times. Check label instructions first.

Other butterfly vibrators have the original and classic shape, with some including an extension that allows you to enjoy G-spot stroking as well. If this is the case, there’ll be a curved shaft attached for erotic G-spot stimulation.

Some of the other models incorporate the same functions of traditional butterfly vibrators, but may also have a realistic shaft extension as well as an animal design that’s not a butterfly, like the dolphin or bird types.

How to Choose the Right Butterfly Vibrator for You

Butterfly vibrators and vibrating panties are definitely a popular treat for women. And whether or not you choose a strap-on butterfly vibrator or a pair of erotic, vibrating panties, these butterfly sex toys give very precise stimulation and arouse the clitoris and surrounding areas very enjoyably. The different features in different models vary slightly for pleasure wherever you like. Read the features before you buy.

Additionally, you might ask yourself… do you want clitoral and labia stimulation only, or would you like to pleasure your G-spot as well? Different models will incorporate different ideas and features. What about that shaft extension, would that be something you’re in to?

Vibrating panties will sometimes boast a secret hidden pocket which is made just for adding your favorite vibrators into, they might even be sold with a bullet, for sexy, hands-free solo or even partnered play. Sounds fun, right ladies?

What Are the Benefits of Butterfly Vibrators?

  • Can provide excellent external stimulation during penetration with a partner
  • Some butterfly vibrators also have an insertable shaft for simultaneous and pleasurable external and internal stimulation
  • Leaves the hands free to play with other areas of the body
  • Is strapped closely to the body for seductive solo or partnered play
  • Looks super-sexy as sex toy lingerie that’s very discreet
  • Can be worn under your underwear and clothing
  • Is made to achieve the end game, or the perfect solo ‘O’

Actually, clitoral arousal increases vaginal elasticity because it stimulates the primary function of the gland of the vagina, and this produces a lubrication which has a rejuvenating effect on the whole vaginal area. Additionally, if clitoral stimulation and orgasm are initiated on a regular basis, this will also improve the tone and elasticity of the entire area that is being lubricated.

In many case studies, it has also been found that women who have regular intercourse or masturbate often, do find that climaxing is easier. It has also been highlighted that incontinence is also reduced and blood flow is generally better too, and not just to the genital areas, but to every area in the entire body.

Some Safety Considerations

Always refer to the manufacturer and supplier manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings. Always use for the area intended, otherwise it may get stuck or lodged in awkward places. Medical attention may also be required if this occurs.

Never share your butterfly sex toys. STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and/or bacterial or viral germs can be spread very easily. Bacteria and viruses love wet and warm places, so keep your toys clean and dry, before and after use.

Unless it’s waterproof, don’t use it in the bath or shower. Electrocution is possible, and if it’s battery operated, the product may get waterlogged and remain unfixable.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Depending upon where you buy it from, your butterfly sex toy might be made of one or more materials. You should always wash your toys as soon as you receive them in the mail or when you bring them home, as well as after each use to help protect yourself and the toy. Most toys can be cleaned with warm-to-hot soap and water, but some will have battery packs and might need a purpose-made toy cleaner instead.

Jelly or Latex Toys

Clean jelly or latex toys with antibacterial soap and warm-to-hot water, or a purpose-made sex toy cleaner. Jelly toys are very porous. And although you can clean them well, you can't ever really fully disinfect them. So, the best option is, after you wash the sex toy, let it dry in the air and store it in a cool dry place that’s out of direct sunlight.

Silicone Toys

These butterfly sex toys love antibacterial soap and warm-to-hot water, or the purpose-made sex toy cleaners. Silicone toys are very easy to clean. Make sure you let them dry in the air and store them in a cool dry place that’s out of direct sunlight.

Hard Plastic Toys

Clean hard plastic toys with antibacterial soap and warm-to-hot water, or a purpose-made sex toy cleaner. These toys can be very porous. And although you can clean them well, you can't ever really or fully disinfect them. So, the best option is, after you wash the sex toy, let it dry in the air and store it in a cool dry place that’s out of direct sunlight.

Metal Toys

Clean metal butterfly sex toys with antibacterial soap and warm-to-hot water, or a purpose-made sex toy cleaner. Metal toys may be towel dried and shined before you store them in a cool dry place that’s out of direct sunlight.

Cyberskin Toys

Clean cyberskin toys with antibacterial soap and warm-to-hot water, or a purpose-made sex toy cleaner. And, after you wash the sex toy, let it dry in the air and store it in a cool dry place that’s out of direct sunlight. Wrap in a soft material type for the best storage.

Common Questions People Ask

How do vibrators work?

Vibrators contain a battery powered or electric motor that produces simulated vibrations. Its purpose is to create pleasurable vibrations for the user. Some vibrators work externally and others work internally. Some might do both.

What is the difference between battery and electric-powered vibrators?

In essence, battery powered vibrators tend to be less powerful than electric powered ones. The electric types seem to be designed with stronger motors which utilize more power, and are plugged in at the wall or might have rechargeable power via a built-in battery.

Why are there different styles of vibrators?

This is generally because people like to use them in different ways. In this day and age we’re super lucky, because there are many different styles to choose from and some allow for multiple features that work simultaneously too. It’s hard not to get aroused by that factor alone. When you know what you want to stimulate, it’s easy to choose, but if not, you can buy a few types to try out. That’s the sheer fun of it all.

How long do vibrators last?

Most models of a good quality will last anywhere from some months to even years. Cheaper versions tend to break down fairly quickly, and it’s very true, you definitely get what you pay for.

What is the difference between a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm?

Well, let’s see... clitoral orgasms are brought on by stimulating the clitoris and usually are altogether quicker and can be super-intense. Vaginal orgasms can take more time to build up to and are often very powerful experiences. The effects might last longer too.

What Are Butterfly Panties?

Well, butterfly panties are simply perfect for women who like to get off kinda secretly, and by wearing something sexy. In some cases, your choice of bullet vibrators can be kept in place with adjustable straps that press the vibrator directly against the clitoris too. It really depends on the model being bought.

Butterfly panties can be worn in private or public, and are sexy like lingerie. The open crotch design also allows for stimulation of sexual intercourse or via masturbation.

The Butterfly Sex Toy Can Be Used Discreetly or in Public

Using a butterfly sex toy in public is something not many people have the confidence to do. The thought of having an orgasm in a public area is a bit much, but for other people it’s a thrill-seeking experience that feels very exciting.

For people who want to go solo, that’s great too, and it’s important that you achieve orgasm where and when you want. Just be aware that many places have laws related to nudity and sexual practices in public areas.

Let’s have a little look at some fun with these items:

For Butterfly Panties: Step into these discreet panties that hide a powerful clitoral vibrator inside of them. Wear these naughty panties out and about or at home and control the intensity of the vibrations via the remote control. It’s a very sexy way of achieving pleasure, stimulation and the perfect ‘O.’ Some are crotchless, allowing for penetration too. At home; you can play some sexy music, dim the lighting, or add a partner or vibrator to the mix. Use your imagination to enhance the pleasure.

For Butterfly Vibrators: Wear this pretty butterfly beneath your underwear and enjoy the sensation, at home or in public. Remember, in most models, the wings are designed to send pulsations around your labia, while the body of the butterfly is designed to stimulate your entire vagina and clitoris. Some may feature specially-designed ridges to send you into ‘O’ overload, and this can be enjoyed very discreetly in public or in private.

For that easily achievable orgasm, butterfly sex toys, in the form of butterfly panties or butterfly vibrators are exactly what ladies need. For clitoral stimulation that’s super-easy to control, and available with extra features to fulfil your desired needs, you really can’t go wrong. When do they arrive? should be your only question!