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What Are Dildos?

For simple penetration, a dildo fits the bill. These are tapered and streamlined and come with a shaft of varying lengths to simulate the male penis.

These might look the same as a vibrator, but they lack the motorized components and are purely used in a manual fashion. Although some stimulation might be lacking in terms of vibration, there is no worry of batteries going flat, or the motor breaking down.

Dildos have been found in archeological sites, so the invention is nothing new. Early versions were made from bone or wood, but luckily the choice of materials has made some advancement in recent times.

The thing with newer versions is that they focus on form as much as they do on function. This means that the models are designed to replicate the male penis as much as possible, and still focus on size or material type that feels most pleasurable, sexually speaking.

Other models are made to look more like a work of art rather than as a phallic replica. Actually, dildos can be used for all manner of purposes where penetration is required, and they are as popular for anal as they are for vaginal stimulation.

The one thing a dildo has as an advantage over a vibrator with is its discretion. Because there is no humming motor, they can be used when there are housemates or guests nearby, without drawing any attention to their usage.

Dildos are also an ideal first sex toy to use with partners without being over the top and springing too much of a surprise on them. They are easy to handle and use, and are super sexy for intimate play.

Types of Dildos

There are lots of varieties, and some of these require their own discussions because they are for the more experienced or adventurous person who is seeking pleasure. This means dildos can be used by men as much as women.

The types you can find for use are as follows:

Anal Dildos are designed with the sole purpose of being used for anal play. There are some which have a smaller girth for easier penetration and flared bases which prevent the dildo from going too far in or becoming stuck.

Black Dildos are very often realistic looking that come in various shades of black and are more substantial in girth and length. They are designed for extreme pleasure for individuals who like the thought of cheekier, bigger desires and fantasies.

Double Dildos have the ability to be used for simultaneous penetration. Depending on the type, they can be used for self-double penetration, or for male and female partners experiencing dildo penetration at the same time. With two heads, these are both unique and versatile.

Ejaculating Dildos bring a fuller and uniquely realistic experience to the user. With a built-in chamber full of semen-like lube, they can explode at a moment’s notice to give the sensation of ejaculation inside the user.

Glass Dildos are as much a work of art as they are a functioning dildo. They deliver very unique sensations and are ideal for cooled or heated play in solo, or for use with partners.

Huge Dildos are for the more experienced user. They are gargantuan in size, and with plenty of lube, they can deliver the feeling of fullness that can’t be achieved with other smaller sizes. They offer a very unique experience for the user.

Inflatable Dildos take versatility to the next level. They can be used as a regular dildo, or they can be inflated to deliver pleasure that is bordering on the extreme. Feeling full, satisfied and comfortable has never been so easy.

Realistic Dildos do their best to replicate the male penis. With soft heads and squidgy shafts that feel lifelike in the hand, vagina or inside the anus. They really do bring a level of realism that isn’t found when using any other dildo.

Silicone Dildos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, but among all types, they deliver a silky-smooth gliding action that feels like nothing else out there.

Small Dildos are made to be discreet more than they are for replicating the size of a penis. What they lack in size, they sure don’t lack in performance, and can be used almost anywhere, making them the perfect travel companion too.

Strapless Dildos are designed for the woman who wants to take control of their partner. With an insertable piece, she no longer needs to mess around with straps or a harness to pleasure her partner with, for vaginal or anal penetration. These are great for lesbian or straight couples.

Suction Cup Dildos can bring a whole new element to your fantasy play. They allow the user to choose any location that has a smooth surface. No matter if it’s a wall; a chair or even the refrigerator door, there is no excuse not to enjoy self-penetration and pleasure just about anywhere.

Vibrating Dildos reach the parts that other toys just can’t reach. No matter if it’s G-spot or prostate massage, they can keep the stimulation going, and going, and going… right until the ultimate point of pleasure has been reached. Yep!

Strap on dildos are designed for woman who wants to fill a man’s shoes, well, this is how she will go about it. With a harness which wraps around her body, any woman can thrust away with a harness dildo to pleasure her partner. This can be female, or if she has a willing male partner, then this can be part of the fun also.

How to Choose the Best Realistic Dildo for You

Choosing a dildo is as much down to personal preference as anything else. One size might not fit all, so this is where we have listed some of the most common traits to consider while you’re looking to find the best dildo.

Finding the perfect size – Dildos are popular because of the way they can replicate a man’s penis. If you choose one which is too small, it will not be much different than using fingers, but one that is too large might be too hard to deal with. One of the most common sizes of a dildo is around seven or eight inches in length. The circumference may differ between models.

Soft exteriors – Dildos vary to vibrators, aside from the hardness of the shaft. Vibrations travel better through a hard surface than a soft cover, but a dildo which is hard is kinda off-putting. A soft outer coating is far more realistic, especially when it comes to the realistic head and upper portions of the shaft. A dildo should be soft to the point where you can squeeze it and see indentations. It is this realism that is a huge turn-on for women. Getting close to the real thing is what makes these types really sexy.

Hard shafts – Although a dildo needs to be squidgy and lifelike, they also need to be hard enough to actually penetrate. Jelly dildos might not be safe in the materials used, and they are not hard enough to penetrate because they are too flimsy. Go for hard shafts with that realistic, squidgy feel.

Looks like a penis – Dildos which replicate a male penis are very popular with women and men. This goes as far as the colors, and even though there are brightly-colored dildos, it’s the flesh colored surfaces which draw the most attention. A realistic penis head is also one of the most crucial parts, as are the veins and the testicles. Looking like the real thing is a major turn on, and it can help via the use of imagery cues to get you ready for orgasm.

What Are the Benefits

There are a few benefits when using a dildo compared to other sex toys, for sexual gratification. Here’s some of the most frequently mentioned…

Lifting the mood – There is no question that using a dildo will make you feel good afterward. You can feel fulfilled by having an orgasm and with the hormones which are released in the body, well, that makes you feel on top of the world.

Stimulating the senses – This can be great for both the receiver or the partner. When the mind is fully stimulated, and there’s lots of squirming around, it can be a turn-on for partners, or it can be utilized for solo play.

Fun exploration – You can explore parts inside you never knew existed. These inner parts can be highly erotic and sensual. You might even find the G-spot which you may not have found before. When it comes to a partner, you can tell them the parts you find really stimulating.

Sexual relief – There is nothing worse than your partner climaxing before you. With a dildo, you can carry on and reach your climax long after they’ve finished. There are also the times when your partner has finished and is recharging his batteries, he can continue stimulating you, so you are ready for when he/she is.

Therapy – Muscular contractions and sexual performance can be increased with regular use. The Kegel muscles can be strengthened which will come in handy when you are having regular intercourse.

Anal sex – This covers both males and females. Dildos can be an easy introduction to anal penetration, or they can help to relax muscles for proper anal penetration later on.

Some Safety Considerations

Although a dildo is one of the most accessible forms of sex toy to use, there are some considerations to take for safety’s sake.

The sex toy industry is relatively unregulated, so buying from a reputable supplier can be critical, even with something as simple as a dildo. A lot of this is down to the materials used in the production of the dildo.

Not all manufacturers use materials that are safe to the body, especially when it comes to soft, squidgy materials. Always be sure your dildo is made out of body safe materials.

If using your dildo for anal sex, a flared base is essential. Realistic dildos that come with added testicles are ideal because they won’t slip too far into the anus. The ones with harness and suction cup should also be safe for anal penetration. Go with a great brand to be sure.

Silicone lubrication should never be used as this breaks down silicone and the surface can deteriorate and let in moisture. As a matter of course, always use water-based lubricants.

The use of lubrication in the shower or bath should be considered. These lubricants are to prevent rubbing when penetrating, but if they spill on to the floor of the shower or tub, it might create an unnecessarily slippery floor. Be aware of this.

If you see that the surface of your dildo has marks or tears in the material, you should not use it. Dark spots are a sign that mold has formed, and there is no way to safely remove this.

Sharing a dildo between partners should be refrained from. However, using a condom is always recommended even if you are using your dildo for solo play. Hygiene should be the most important factor. Using ribbed condoms can also enhance the pleasure inside the anus or vagina.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Each type can have the need for different care and cleaning. Here is a brief overview of the differences.

Rubber – This can include all squidgy-type materials. Most of these have a surface which is porous. The recommendation is to use a condom because this can help keep your dildo clean and prevent any bacterial growth. If there are any ribs, bumps or ridges, these need thorough cleaning under running warm water. You can use a specialized cleaner or antibacterial soap too.

Realistic – These need the same attention as other bumpy-type dildos. The difference with these is they might feel sticky after washing and rinsing two or three times. To preserve the material, sprinkle with cornstarch, or you can purchase toy powder.

Silicone – These are far more durable than other materials. If you check the manufacturer’s instructions, you can find they are dishwasher safe, or you can boil them in hot water for a few minutes.

When storing your dildo, make sure it isn’t touching another sex toy and that the area where you store it is dry, cool and out of direct sunlight. Sex toys made from soft materials can stick together or become deformed in higher temperatures.

Can Dildos Last a Long Time?

The longevity depends on the materials used in their construction. After this, it depends on how well they are cared for.

Hard ones can last for close to a lifetime if cared for correctly, but soft jelly-like dildos and silicone dildos can vary in their longevity. Here are the types of materials, and how long you can expect each one to survive.

Soft rubber and jelly dildos – These have a porous surface, and because of this they will let moisture in. If bacteria doesn't take hold, the surface can become prone to rips or tears with regular use and after a period of time. To be on the safe side, you can expect to find the need to change a rubber or jelly dildo after around two years.

Real skin, silicone or TPR dildos – These materials are hypoallergenic, non-porous and durable. Silicone (if cared for correctly) can last a lifetime, and if no tears appear in the surface. Real skin dildos are porous and are prone to ripping or can have micro tears appearing after a time. If cared for as per instructions, these can last up to five years.

Common Questions People Ask

How do I find my G-spot with a dildo?

Every person’s body is different, but as a general rule, locating your G-spot with a dildo is easy. Just carefully insert the dildo a couple of inches into the vagina, and angle it up toward your navel. If you feel the sensation like you want to pee, then you are in the right area.

Do all dildos feel the same?

No, all dildos are made with very different uses in mind. A smooth, hard dildo won’t feel as good or as natural as a realistic dildo. Women often look for realism because they like the feel of a penis more than a hard plastic surface, as an example.

Is there any chance of my dildo breaking?

Not really. Actually, most dildos are made strong enough to last with some moderate force. However, this isn’t to say the surface can’t become damaged and be split open. This can be common in dildos that are made from rubber jelly after a period of regular use, and this is one of the reasons why it’s recommended that you change your dildo every couple of years, unless it’s made from a more durable material.