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What Are Fleshlights?

These are shaped like a flashlight, and once the cap is unscrewed, it reveals the inner sleeve which resembles a woman’s vagina. They are designed in such a way that when a man masturbates using these, they receive the same sensations as if they are having sexual intercourse.

The fleshlights are fully waterproof, so men can easily take these into the shower or the bathtub and have some self-gratification with no worries of damaging their sex toy. And because of their exterior design, they are discreet and can easily be thrown into a bag with no one being any wiser that a male sex toy is being carried around, which makes them one of the most popular sex toys for men.

The inner sleeve, which was molded from a real woman’s anatomy, is soft, flexible and very realistic to the touch. Deep inside the internal channel, there are nodules, and the depth of the device should accommodate the longest of penises.

Since the original device was created, there have been modifications, and they now come with inner parts which are molded from porn star’s genitalia.

Newer models now come with a suction function which simulates oral sex for the user, just to give another dimension to what looks like an inconspicuous flashlight.

One of the later models is coined as a ‘stamina training unit.’ This is tighter and packed full of inner ribs and bumps to help build up stamina before ejaculation. It fully replicates the feelings of intercourse, and with regular use, it can help sexual activity last longer. It helps men to sustain ejaculation and can aid in prolonging it, if used for that purpose.

Different Types and Styles

The one advantage of fleshlights is you can change the inner sleeve while using the outer case. This means you can purchase inner sleeves to match the desire for very different sensations and feelings.

There are lots of variations, and these are broken down into groups. These are as follows:

Intense fleshlight sleeves – These fleshlight inserts deliver the most intense stimulation, and for some men, it can be a little overpowering to start with. With many bumps inside, they create numerous pressure points to deliver a mind-blowing orgasm.

Realistic fleshlights – The inserts of this type are the most sensual against the skin and replicate the feeling of a vagina or anal passage.

Realistic butt fleshlights – These give the feeling of anal intercourse, and some of the models have been cast from real girls’ orifices to deliver a visual realism like no other.

Oral sex fleshlights – Although they are unable to fully replicate the feel of a warm mouth, these fleshlights come very close to delivering that oral sex feel, even without a partner.

Tight-fitting fleshlights – There are models for guys who like a tight fit, or they are suitable for the guys who have smaller penises. These are welcome when the larger sleeves don’t deliver the same amounts of stimulation.

Big guy sleeves – At the other end of the scale are the larger-than-average guy who still wants to use a fleshlight. There are several models which can accommodate the largest member of the group.

There are many more designs which would fit into each of these categories, but one of the most popular is the range of fleshlight girls, and each of these has been molded from a real life girl.

How to Choose the Best Fleshlight for You

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a fleshlight, however, with so much choice available, there is something for everyone.

Lots of beginners head for the most basic models, but this doesn’t do the brands justice. Other guys dive in and head for the extreme models, only to find they are less than satisfied with the experience.

All of the sleeves are made from the same material, so there is little choice to be made, and most knowledge on how to choose a fleshlight comes from the internal stimulation, and the design. With over 100 designs of fleshlight sleeves, choosing one is far from easy.

You should take the time to find which groups offer the kind of stimulation you want, and also the ones which can accommodate your penis size well. Once you have this, you can begin to look at the size of the package because fleshlights come in the regular flashlight container, or there are smaller variants which are made for traveling.

There are super small models which are 3.5 inches in length, and are designed for a fast orgasm and ease of cleaning. After this, there is a clear model which can be ideal for use with a partner so the inside action can be seen by both, or there are even models that take on a fantasy theme.

The best way to choose a fleshlight is to answer these questions for yourself:

  1. What is your penis size?
  2. How sensitive is your penis?
  3. Which orifice do you prefer, vaginal or anal?
  4. How long can you last before orgasm?
  5. What level of visual stimulation do you want?

What Are the Benefits

There are plenty of benefits - many of which are related to health. They improve the prostate and the pelvic floor muscles, and they can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction too.

Masturbation is said to help relieve stress, so there is no better way to be stress-free than by using a fleshlight. Health benefits are aplenty, and sexual performance can be increased too.

You can learn to last longer with regular practice. Here, men can use the stamina training unit fleshlight to delay their orgasm when they are with their partner. With what was once frowned upon, does have its uses.

There are a few benefits of fleshlights with the devices themselves, and this will depend on the model you purchase.

Here are a few reasons to buy a fleshlight:

  • Simulate the feeling of real sexual intercourse, oral sex or anal sex. No matter what sensation you want to feel, there is a model to suit everyone.
  • Fleshlights are constructed from full, body-safe materials and can be used over and over when cared for correctly. With over 100 models, there is lots of variety, so getting bored with one sleeve and its feeling is never a problem.
  • They are designed to be durable and easy to clean. They are very discreet and highly portable too.

Some Safety Considerations

While there are safety considerations to consider, fleshlights have been designed to be safe. All the materials are body safe, so there should be no interactions with sensitive skin.

Lubrication can be seen as one of the main things you’ll have to consider. If you have a fleshlight which is of the tighter design, this could lead to pain and chafing if you haven’t applied enough lube to the channel, and to your penis. With the numerous bumps and nodules, this can cause unnecessary rubbing. So watch out for that.

Some of the newer models also come with battery powered eggs which provide vibrations. And although these are sealed to keep moisture out, care should be taken if used around excessive amounts of water.

Batteries should also be removed from these between uses to protect the housing, and in case any of the batteries leak.

Another area is the material that the inner sleeves are made from. This is a secret, so it is hard to say what cleaners should and shouldn’t be used. The manufacturer does tell users to keep soap away from the inner sleeve because this will break down the material. With this in mind, you should always check the sleeves for any sign of wear or cracks in the material, because this can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

One thing which might be missed by eager users of their new fleshlights, is to remove the plastic tube from the inside channel before using. This is there to stop the material from sticking together during storage and transport only.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Washing your fleshlight is as simple as removing it from the outer case and rinsing it under warm water. After this, they should be air dried thoroughly. You can purchase toy cleaner, and also a powder which is used to help preserve the inner sleeve. Both of these are highly recommended purchases.

Many vibrator types should be kept away from areas where there are dust and fluff, and fleshlights are no exception. The sleeve material does feel sticky when it isn’t lubricated enough, and this can cause lint or other debris to stick to it.

Keeping them in their outer case is advised once they are dry. This will stop the attraction of said lint and the possible growth of bacteria and mold.

Because a fleshlight has its own case, the need to keep them away from other sex toys is minimized, although recommended. Although, keeping them in a cool and dry area should be carried out as a matter of necessity too.

After each use, the sleeve must be removed from the case so the case can be washed with warm soapy water. The suction cup at the bottom should receive the most attention because this is where most of the ejaculation fluid accumulates.

You then need to get your fingers inside the sleeve and scoop out any remains before filling the sleeve with water and shaking vigorously. The sleeve then needs to be sprayed with the official fleshlight cleaner. When storing, the end caps should be left loose so air can circulate inside the outer case.

Can Fleshlights Last a Long Time

Companies state that fleshlights can last a lifetime, but in reality, this doesn’t happen because of wear and tear. If cleaned and preserved correctly, they can last years with no real side effects, but with removing and reinserting into the case repeatedly, it is possible to get micro tears in the fabric. This is the most common reason fleshlights meet the end of their life, more quickly than is expected.

It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, and when doing this, you can get years of service and pleasure from your fleshlight.

Once you follow the recommended cleaning advice from the manufacturer, the primary way to preserve a fleshlight is by using the recommended renewal powder. This is cornstarch, so you can easily swap this for regular cornstarch from the grocery store if you need to. This should only be added when the inside of your fleshlight is totally dry.

Fleshlights can last for years, but by then you might be looking for a change of sensation and decide on purchasing another. It’s fun to have a range anyway.

One thing users might not realize they need to do before using a fleshlight, is to remove it from its case and warm it up with warm water, and this can take around 20 minutes to do.

Common Questions People Ask

How can I use my fleshlight hands-free?

The most well-known method is the shoe method. You place your fleshlight in a shoe and insert your penis as if you were having sex in the missionary position. Sometimes you can place it in between a high set of mattresses too.

Why should I purchase a fleshlight?

You can use a fleshlight in any situation where you would use your hand, be it watching porn or laying on your bed daydreaming. It can also introduce sensitivity back into your penis after years of manual masturbation with your hand and also help you delay your ejaculation, with practice; if that’s your goal.

Which fleshlight do you recommend for a short penis?

Because there are so many sleeve types available, you should check one which has a texture that starts toward the fleshlight opening. Also, if you can see which ones have the same texture all the way down the channel, then you will get the same stimulation down the length of your shaft too.

What are fleshlights made from?

The actual material is a closely guarded secret. The name of the material is SuperSkinNo. No other products in the sex toy market are made with the same material. It is for this reason that fleshlights are unique and are adored by millions of satisfied men around the world. How many will you buy? That’s really the only question here.