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What Are G-Spot Vibrators?

G-spot vibrators are sex toys with female and male types. The female device is made to massage the G-spot, the inner vagina area which is located on the roof of the vagina. Some will also target the clitoris simultaneously, which is located on the outer vagina and shaped much like a bean. For males, the G-spot area massaged by the vibrator is the prostate. This can be utilized for health and sexual reasons by the user. The orgasm is said to feel super-intense.

Types of G-Spot Vibrators

Female G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrators

The female type is almost-always shaped like a phallus and is specially designed for stimulating the G-spot. It was originally designed as a response by women to say that vaginal penetration alone was not enough for women to reach the end game, to achieve the big ‘O.’ In fact, many women usually need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, and so these vibrators are designed to target the G-spot and the clitoris too, in most instances. The curved design of most G-spot vibrators attempt to make stimulation easy to ascertain, and allows the woman to relax fully as she masturbates, or enjoys being pleasured with the device by a partner.

As mentioned, nearly all female G-spot vibrators are phallus-shaped and have a design that’s curved at the end for reaching the anterior area of the vagina. Some are novelty-shaped for added fun and range from five to seven inches in length.

Male G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators for males are generally specially curved designs with round heads to complement stimulation. They are inserted into the anal cavity to stimulate the prostate gland in males, also known as the male G-spot. These prostate massagers can cause an intense sexual experience for males and may also be used for health purposes, as directed by a health professional or physician, for issues regarding the prostate.

Some cultures have used prostate massage for centuries, realizing the health benefits of keeping the prostate active. G-spot massage is also popular for the intense pleasure that it allows men to achieve. G-spot vibrators for males are well designed to fit into the rectum, moving and vibrating the canal, perineum and prostate gland to 'milk' the prostate. This can remove most of the fluid inside this gland. Some male G-spot dildos don’t always have the vibrating function, but most will.

How to Choose the Right G-Spot Vibrators for You

Doctor Ernst Gräfenberg, a German scientist and physician, was responsible for “finding” the G-spot in women. This highly sensitive area of the female body can be a source of wonderful pleasure if stimulated in the right way. Sometimes though, it’s difficult to reach through sex alone, because it’s primarily hidden, high up in the front wall of the vagina. And that’s where G-spot dildos are made for pleasuring.

The curved or angled tip can tickle and tease, and in most cases, these devices can completely change the way you or your partner have an orgasm. As we discussed earlier, some G-spot vibrators are designed to target the clitoris at the same time as the G-spot, and they are also great for stimulating a man’s prostate, sometimes also called the P-spot. For women, if you can find a G-spot vibrator that targets both the clitoris and G-spot, then this will definitely have you well on your way to achieving orgasm, or multiple orgasms as the case may be.

It can be hard to choose a favorite, but the look and feel of glass vibrators is quite appealing. These generally last a really long time. The glass used to create these G-spot dildos is extremely tough, and won’t break or shatter if it’s used adequately. In fact, glass is also hygienic and safe for this type of actioning.

Some Models of G-Spot Vibrators Can:

  • Mimic the strokes of a penis
  • Have special rides to target the clitoris
  • Externally target the clitoris and perineum simultaneously
  • Be controlled with a switch
  • Have pulse modes
  • Have a drive technology which does all the work
  • Incorporate 10 settings or more
  • Be hygienically non-porous
  • Be waterproof
  • Be rechargeable with a long lifespan
  • Have a wireless remote control
  • Come in fuller-feeling sizes
  • Be flexible and bendable to move with your body contours
  • Come with a long warranty
  • Be cleaned easily with soap and water
  • Be very discreet
  • Be hypoallergenic
  • Have multiple vibration settings
  • Be made of glass, silicone or other long-lasting materials
  • Be powered with removable batteries
  • Be designed with the ability to hit the spot/s intended
  • Include added features to almost guarantee an orgasm

What Are the Benefits

Exploring Your Body.

It’s true, whether you’re a male or female, vibrators not only help you reach orgasm, they also help you get to know what you like between the sheets. And, when you know your body and what you like, it means you can have a more satisfying sex life overall, both solo and with a partner. When you know what turns you on, you’re better equipped to help a partner get to know these little tit-bits too. Exploring your body and taking ownership of your final, pleasure-seeking moments is not only enjoyable, it’s very healthy for you too. And that plus, friends, is well-backed by science.

You might even have a better sexual experience with your partner.

One of the great things about vibrators is that they’re not just for solo masturbation. Actually, they can easily be included in partnered play, for any gender type couple. A recent study found that heterosexual and gay men enjoyed incorporating vibrators into partnered play. By utilizing vibrators, it means you can enjoy multiple facets of pleasure with a partner. And G-spot vibrators are one of the best sex toys for women and a great toy for men, so the experience can involve both parties during play. Using a toy on a partner is also exciting, allowing for fun and bonding to occur at the same time. Never share toys though; we always want to promote safe play in every instance.

You might actually become healthier.

In the case of women, those who use vibrators report that they’re having more positive sexual experiences because of it. This includes increased desire, better lubrication, lessened pain, and a feeling of overall great functioning in general. Scientific studies also support the inclusion of orgasm as a stress reliever, a prostate massage beneficiary (for men), and lowered blood pressure when opting for regular practice.

You can safely experiment.

In the past, people used to worry that vibrators might cause numbness and/or nerve damage, but thankfully, science has ensured that these worries are unfounded. Debunked might be another word to use here. Safety is always the primary concern whenever sexual experiences are concerned. Many sexual therapists actually promote the use of vibrators for health benefits and sexual gratification alike.

In the end, all that matters is that you feel good about your body, and the experiences you enjoy, with or without a partner.

Some Safety Considerations

  • Clean them, before and after use
  • Don’t share them, to prevent the spread of infection including sexually transmitted diseases (STIs)
  • Store them in a clean and dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Change the batteries often and remove them when not in use
  • Use a dust cover or a case for storage

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Depending upon where you buy from, your G-spot dildos might be made of one or more materials. You should always wash your toys as soon as you receive them in the mail or when you bring them home, as well as after each use to help protect yourself and the toy. Most toys can be cleaned with warm-to-hot soap and water, but some will have battery packs and might need a purpose-made toy cleaner instead. Always look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for your unique toy.

Common Questions People Ask

What types of vibrators are there?  

  • Anal vibrators
  • Bullet vibrators
  • Butterfly vibrators
  • Clitoral vibrators
  • Quiet vibrators
  • Tongue vibrators
  • Finger vibrators
  • Rabbit vibrators
  • Rechargeable vibrators
  • Male vibrators
  • G-spot vibrators

That’s really just a start, and there are always new designs coming out. So that’s really exciting!

Do you need to be 18 years old to buy a vibrator?

Actually, governments have laws prohibiting the sale of sex toys to minors, but even if it’s not a matter of law, most sex shops have a policy of only selling vibrators and other sex toys to adults. In most cases, an adult is classed as being 18 years of age, but check within your country, locality and/or territory just to be sure.

If you’re shopping online, you have to be old enough to have a credit card to make the payment being processed. Most sites will also ask you to verify that you’re at least 18 years old, or maybe even older, even before completing the order at hand.

How should I use a G-spot vibrator?

Start slowly. Each toy is different, depending upon the make and model. Just about every vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris or scrotum, which is probably the most common use for females and males. The G-spot vibrator is designed for use on women to hit the G-spot, internally inside the vagina, and it’s the prostate for men, which is located internally inside the rectum. Remember to buy the right vibrator that’s made specifically for your gender.

If your vibrator has settings, start at the lowest one. Get used to the feel and use a lubricant to help ease it in. Never force or push too hard when you’re beginning, otherwise it is possible to damage the skin of the wall, either in the vagina, or in the anal cavity. When you get the hang of it, you can move it more directly, and turn up the vibrations to the setting you like most. If all else fails, take your time. Remember the saying; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give yourself time to get used to your new toy, because it’s ultimately designed to make you feel good.

Tell me more about using vibrators for women.

Here are some reasons you might want to use a vibrator on a woman:

  • You might have erectile problems
  • You’re a woman, and you want to achieve orgasm
  • It’s very exciting and fun for masturbation and partnered play
  • You want to make her sexual experience go longer
  • You like foreplay fun
  • You like watching her explore and please herself
  • You like exploring and pleasing her

Tell me more about using vibrators for men.

It’s important to note: most vibrators can be used effectively on the penis too, making them great toys for couples. G-spot vibrators for men are created specifically for anal stimulation, which can be enjoyed by both gay and straight men alike. Some women like anal play too.

The male G-spot or P-spot allows vibrators to target this area with a super-intense result for the person being pleasured. Start slowly and use plenty of lubrication. Turn on the vibrations when you’re ready. Most toys work best with a water-based lubrication. Always use the right toy for the right cavity, and never share your toys, so that STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) aren’t spread. Safety comes first, always.