Jewel Butt Plugs


What Are Jeweled Butt Plugs?

For all anal enthusiasts, jeweled butt plugs are the ultimate kink. When you feel the tightness of the anus clamping around the neck of a butt plug, it can be a dream come true, sensually so. This is the same for both males and females, and with men they deliver some unique sensations as they push against the prostate. And in women, it’s the pelvic floor muscles which receive very similar pressure.

The use of a butt plug can be highly fulfilling when the challenges are overcome, but once users have tried all the usual suspects of regular butt plugs, tail butt plugs and vibrating wands, they may think their journey is over, but there is more…

Jeweled butt plugs are ideal for adding some sparkle to your anal play or your anal preparation. Now you can be discreet in the wearing of your butt plug, but as soon as you reveal the jewel, you will be instantly noticed. With all the features of other butt plugs, a jeweled butt plug focuses on the form as well as the functionality.

These come in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs. But at the end of the day, you will still have a jeweled that is suitable for any queen. Who doesn’t want it to look nice?

Different Types & Syles

Jeweled butt plugs are there to not only perform like a regular plug, but to also catch the eye and show the mood of the wearer. You can be a demanding mistress who has to have it all, or you can be the weak, more submissive partner who just wants something to sparkle in her life. And these are great for role play and/or BDSM fun.

There are jeweled butt plugs to suit every taste of personality. Here are some common types:

Gemstone jeweled plugs – These can match your birth sign. There is nothing like wearing a red garnet or ruby to show how hot you are. What’s your birth month?

Round base jeweled plugs – These are round like many a jewelry box, but this one is filled with one large stone, and the real treasure lies underneath as it nestles comfortably inside.

Heart shaped jeweled plugs – If you want to show your partner how much you care, then these types of heart shaped, jewel encrusted butt plugs are ideal.

Beaded jeweled plugs – These push all the right buttons for the wearer and the observer. With ribbed necks, they can send shudders down the back of any king or queen.

Silicone jeweled plugs – These are to add a little more comfort to your life and your body. With soft silicone construction, they do away with the cold feel of steel or glass.

Vibrating jeweled plugs – There are a few discreet vibrating models available. These can add some pleasing sensations and are waterproof so they can be used in the shower as need be.

All of the jeweled butt plug types can deliver that feeling of fulfillment, while still enabling users to decorate their body. They can be handpicked or presented as a gift. No matter if you have a partner in mind, or you want a jeweled butt plug for solo play, these are ideal for both. After all, they do say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”

How to Choose a Jeweled Anal Plug for You

Most jeweled plugs are made from either silicone, glass or (more commonly) steel. These are good materials because they have a secure housing to hold the stones.

When it comes to design, you have the classic, round-shaped handle which is jewel encrusted, or there is the heart shaped handle design. All deliver the same appearance, but it’s when you go for steel or the next level (say, gold-colored) that you really begin to show off your style.

Once you get past the bling-bling, then the choices are the same as other high quality anal plugs. While you will have your own preference for stone settings, these can adorn any of the butt plugs, so here we will run through how to make your choice of the best jeweled anal plugs for you.

Because you are mainly looking at stainless steel and silicone, there is a good chance the jeweled anal plugs will be coming from reputable suppliers. However, it’s worth checking; in case they use materials that aren’t up to the standard, and worthy of being capped by jewels.

Check customer reviews to make sure the stainless or gold-colored types are high quality and not likely to rust or corrode on you, and with silicone, be sure the manufacturer doesn’t use phthalates in their production. This compound isn’t body safe and can cause reactions to some users.

Women love big rocks, and some men too, but when it comes to a jeweled anal plug, bigger isn’t always better. You do need to be careful when choosing, depending upon your anal play experience level as well as the shape of your inner body.

Smaller anal plugs are better for beginners and come in sizes of up to 3.5 inches of insertable length. But, for frequent users of butt plugs, you can find jeweled anal plugs in the following sizes:

  • 2-3 inches in length
  • 4-5 inches in length
  • Above 6 inches in length

Butt plugs are not always intended to be long; it’s the girth or circumference which is the determining factor. 2 inches to 3 inches in circumference is common, and you can have ones that reach over 3 inches, but you do need to know you can accommodate this size, first and foremost, before purchase. If unsure, opt for the smaller size.

What Are the Benefits

One of the key benefits of a jeweled butt plug is that it isn't gender specific, so they can be used by men or women, equally as easily. When used in men, they deliver constant prostate simulation (as long as they have the right sized anal plug to reach far enough).

In women, it can stimulate the A-spot in the same sort of way, but it is during sex when a woman can benefit the most. She will gain some of the same sensations as if she was partaking in double-penetrative sex. Her anus will have the full feeling, and with the movement of her partner, she will be receiving sensations deep inside and from both sides. Stimulation is passed through the vaginal wall as his penis (or an internal type sex toy) rubs against the head of the steel of the jeweled butt plug.

To expand on this, there are vibrating jeweled butt plugs that can deliver earth-shattering sensations to both partners. Or, if a woman has some solo play, she can satisfy herself with a vibrating jeweled butt plug by using realistic dildos for vaginal penetration and stimulation to add to the mix of pleasure being felt.

Most common butt plugs benefit when it comes to further anal play or anal sex. They help muscles relax; so using larger toys or accepting a penis takes a lessened toll on the anus.

One last benefit of a jeweled butt plug is that many are designed for long term use and stimulation. These can deliver sneaky sensations as you go about your daily chores or when you’re out.

Some Safety Considerations

Just because a butt plug has a jewel on the end of it, well, that definitely won’t mean it’s safer than any other, and the same precautions need to be taken. One of the first things to note is: never let your butt plug near your vagina if you are a woman. There are lots of bacteria present which vaginas don’t take too well to.

One other note is: to never pull hard on your butt plug when removing it. It needs to be done naturally because the bulb part is much meatier than the neck, so it will place some force on the rectum and sphincter muscles.

Although you can purchase glass jeweled butt plugs, it is advisable to avoid these. The neck will be much weaker, and if there is too much force, they can eventually break. Manufacturers do use toughened glass, but almost all glass manages to find a way of breaking, even if it is designed not to. If you want to buy this type, always get it from a reputable seller.

If you decide on a jeweled butt plug that vibrates, it is worth noting that some body parts can begin to go numb with too much vibration. A butt plug is no different because the anus has thousands of nerve endings residing there. If these are bombarded with too high a vibration setting, you may find your butt going numb.

One final note is: to always check the jewels are seated correctly. They are mainly sealed around the edges, and they don’t go anywhere near the rectal opening, but it is better to be safe because you never know if there are sharp edges underneath.

Where Can You Use Your Jeweled Plugs

Before exploring the scenarios where you can use jeweled butt plugs, it is worth noting how you need to prepare yourself before use. It is no use just purchasing a jeweled butt plug with the intention of using it immediately. There are steps you need to take first.

First up, you’ll need to pay a visit to the bathroom, and this is because of the way nature works. In fact, if you try to stretch your anus, you might find yourself in a bit of a mess. Okay, so once you have evacuated, you’ll then need to use anal douches to clean the inside. At this stage, never use soap because it can irritate the inside of the anus.

You now need your jeweled anal plug and lube. With some on your anus and also around the butt plug, you are ready to begin stretching. You can start with a lubed fingers. And for solo users, crouching over the butt plug can help its insertion.

Once you have inserted your anal plug, you are ready to do as you please. Because jeweled butt plugs are slimmer around the neck, they are not intended solely as preparation for anal sex or further anal play. These butt plugs with jewel are for more than decoration and can be worn for a few hours at home, or discreetly underneath clothing while you get some satisfying stimulation for a few hours while you’re out.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

After every use, you should immediately clean your jeweled butt plug. If you followed the route of using an anal douche beforehand, you might have less cleaning up to do. It’s still important to be thorough though.

The good thing with stainless steel jeweled butt plugs is that they are super easy to clean, and a quick wipe with a baby wipe is enough to remove most of the mess.

When it comes to washing, you can use warm soapy water (antibacterial bar soap or dishwashing liquid will suffice) before placing it into hot boiling water for a few minutes to thoroughly sterilize your jeweled butt plug. Or, alternatively, you can set it on the top shelf of a dishwasher where it will be cleansed well.

It’s only the silicone jeweled butt plugs that will need covering in cornstarch (or powder bought from the seller) if they become sticky after washing. This dries out the surface and makes them smooth again.

It’s worth checking the manufacturer's information on the jeweled part of your butt plug. If this is made from the wrong sort of glass, you might not be able to sterilize it in the same way.

Once you have dried your jeweled anal plug, you’ll need to store it in a protective bag and place it in a cool and dry area. In many cases, sex toys are not to touch each other because of deformation and for bacterial or mold growth negation too. Silicone jeweled butt plugs need to follow this rule at all times, but stainless steel won’t become deformed because they are solid. However, they can distort other toys or create a haven for germs, so keep them separate just to be sure.

Common Questions People Ask

What lubrication is suitable for a jeweled butt plug?

Unless you have a jeweled silicone butt plug, any lube will suffice; as long as you don’t have any allergies. It is recommended to use a thicker lube on stainless jeweled plugs because water-based types will dry out after insertion.

Can I wear my heart shaped jeweled butt plug during sex?

A lot of anal plugs of all types can be used, and are often used to spice up sex. However, you do need to make sure your heart shaped jeweled butt plug doesn’t rub between your butt cheeks during sex. This chafing can quickly arise, and on occasion, even lube won’t help to prevent it. Check if it does rub, and take things nice and slowly. Remember, the whole point of wearing it is for more pleasure, so if something doesn’t feel good or right, remove it immediately and do this with the utmost care.