Sex Toys for Couples

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What Are Sex Toys for Couples?

You might have hit a dry spot in your lovemaking, and are looking for a way to spice things up. While there are lots of sex toys for men and sex toys for women, some are specifically designed to please both partners at the same time. These can fall into many different areas, and it all depends on how far you want you or your partner's fantasies to go…

There are sex toys for couples that can add a little spice, or you can slip into the darker and kinkier world of BDSM, but that is something on an entirely different level.

Because both partners are involved, it takes “two to tango,” and choosing sex toys for couples can be some of the fun before deciding which sex toys to settle for.

Because there is such diversity in couples nowadays, there are couples sex toys that will satisfy heterosexual relationships, couples sex toys for lesbians, and also enough couples sex toys to cater for the gay community too. Everyone is winning!

Couples sex toys can bring plenty of fun back into the bedroom, and they are almost guaranteed to put some spice back into your sex life. They can help with bonding, trust, intimacy, and the sexy pleasure you’ll enjoy together.

Types of Sex Toys for Couples

Each individual's preferences need considering for a sex toy which is suitable for a couple, as well as the more gender-specific toys which are available. But, without delving into any gender-specific types of couples’ sex toys, here are the sex toys you can find:

  • Couples vibrators – These cover a wide range of devices from vibrating cock rings to vibrating strap-ons or strap-on harnesses. No matter which device it is, these will deliver stimulation to both partners at the same time.
  • Penis sleeves – These come in a variety of types and sizes. They can extend the girth of a penis in the form of a cock sleeve, or in the case of a penis extender, they can add a couple of extra inches in length too. Some even come with vibrating bullet attachments and deliver plenty of stimulation while being used during intercourse.
  • Hollow strap-ons – This couples sex toy is like a new penis altogether. The male partner slides the hollow strap-on over his penis and carries out vaginal or anal intercourse on his partner. While he may lose some of the sensations, it can deliver a very unique experience as it will be like making love to an entirely different person. Yep!
  • Double-penetration cock rings – While it is possible to simulate double penetration with butt plugs or vibrating dildos during intercourse, there is no rampant thrusting involved with these guys. But, with DP (deep penetration) cock rings, the male partner performs thrusting into the vagina and the anus at the same time, and with the addition of a penis that is connected to the cock ring.

While these are the more common couples’ sex toys, there are lots of other options that can be used for extra kinkiness or role playing too. These do depend on how adventurous a partner is, or how they might react to borderline pain and pleasure. Adult toys that can be included here are: nipple clamps, double dildos, double penetration strap-ons, vibrating panties, clit clamps, and handcuffs, all the way to mild bondage kits.

All that limits a couple’s sex toy choice is their combined imagination.

How to Choose the Best Couples Sex Toy for You

This stage will require two partners talking about what it is they desire. This will be the only way of knowing if you have made the right choice. It can come from a simple vibrating cock ring, which is an excellent introduction for beginners, or you can go all out and decide to tackle some 50 Shades type of role playing or sexual games.

This will include any gay couples, or for lesbians who want to fulfill their fem/dom fantasies.

Choosing sex toys for couples can quickly get confusing because of the wide variety of choices available. These come in all manner of shapes, materials, sizes, and very different functions too. Each section contains hundreds (if not more) variants or styles, so choosing the best one will be more complicated than picking one and hoping it suits both of you.

Size is always a crucial factor, and now you need to consider the size of two partners in some instances. Vibrating cock rings are pretty straightforward, but when you start to look at a hollow strap-on or a double penetration device, things are very different indeed. The best recommendation is to start off small to be safe, or at least start with the smallest size which either partner feels comfortable with.

After size, the materials used in couples’ sex toys will be just as crucial. While the majorities are made of silicone, steel or glass, not all are made from body safe materials and some can cause irritation. For a couple’s sex toy, the material needs to be safe for both partners.

One last thing which needs discussing is whether you want to both receive anal stimulation, vaginal stimulation, or merely stimulation of the penis. This will have a considerable bearing on what sex toys are available to satisfy you both.

What Are the Benefits of Sex Toys for Couples?

While some of the toys deliver direct health benefits such as in prostate stimulation, it is the benefits to couples that are more focused upon here.

Here are a few benefits that can be found when using sex toys for couples:

  • No pressure – Because adult toys are chosen through a joint decision, men will be less inclined to feel inadequate, as can happen when a vibrator or dildo is pulled out of a drawer without warning. Relationships will be enhanced, and men and women are less likely to be nervous if the choice occurs together.
  • Better sex – As good as sex with a partner is, there is always a liking for better sex or even more sex. Adult toys introduce plenty of spice and open up the chance for more exciting experiences together. When there is a playful attitude, then sexual relationships become more fulfilling for both parties.
  • More orgasms – There are a vast amount of women who are unable to reach an orgasm through penetrative sex alone. With the addition of a couple’s sex toy, the chances to reach orgasm are significantly increased. With something as simple as a vibrating cock ring with clit stimulator, many more women can experience orgasms while having penetrative intercourse.
  • More intimate with partners – Sometimes, both sexes are not keen on their own bodies and feel uncomfortable. When couples sex toys are used, these can reduce any anxiety they feel about being naked with a partner. It can work for both, and each can learn to love their body and let themselves go to really enjoy themselves more. Adding adventure can make everything way more fun!

Some Safety Considerations

It is well known that there are lots of adult toy manufacturers that use low quality materials. These usually crop up in the form of phthalates, and when these are used, it can lead to scratching, irritation of the skin or even worse reactions. There are plenty of manufacturers who have ceased using these, but it’s important that you know what you are putting on and in your body.

Depending on the sex toy in use, couples may be tempted to exchange use and share with each other. Don’t share toys though; infections can be spread very easily. Additionally, it is advisable to use a condom with any couples sex toy that is used for either vaginal or anal penetration, as this helps reduce any risk, and can also save on cleaning the sex toy after use.

Some sex toys may be used for penetration but controlled by the partner. A prime example is a double-penetration cock ring. While the male partner will be able to sense how his partner feels from using his penis, he will not feel any sensations through the penis attachment; this means it’s crucial for the partner to relay what they are feeling.

Where Can You Use Your Sex Toys for Couples?

Couples sex toys can be used anywhere, and depending on the toy in use, this can deliver lots of fun between couples. Some vibrators are examples, and although the partner holding the remote may not be receiving any sexual satisfaction, using these out in public can be a fantastic form of couple’s foreplay.

There are also many other remote controlled vibrators that can be worn and used in all manner of instances. The fun in controlling these can be used as above, or one partner can fire the remote as they are reaching their orgasm. Wow!

Some of the toys will also be waterproof, so couples are not limited to bedroom use and can take their fun and frolics into the shower if they desire some wet and wild fun.

One of the main areas where these sex toys can be used is if one partner climaxes before the other. What used to be a letdown for the second partner is not, and they can now continue playing to make sure both of them reach the peak of their sexual releases.

Thankfully, nowadays, couples definitely have all the right tools, and all the time in the world to enjoy themselves. They are amazing fun too!

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Caring for these sex toys for couples is precisely like any other sex toys. Anything with batteries should have these removed in between uses, or if they are rechargeable, then the battery should be fully charged to prevent battery drainage.

Thorough cleaning is always, always required, and this is easily achieved with warm water and antibacterial soap, be it bar soap or antibacterial dishwashing soap. Any toys that have fixed battery compartments need washing as directed by the manufacturer, and all need to be thoroughly dried too, before they are prepared for storage.

Silicone or rubber toys might feel sticky to the touch, so a sprinkling of renewal powder is enough to restore their silky sheen.

When a couple’s sex toy is packed away, it needs to go in a protective pouch and be kept in a cool, dark area. They should also not touch other sex toys as they could deform or stick to them.

Common Questions People Ask

How can I simulate a group sex session with just my husband?

One of the easiest ways is to use a double-penetration vibrator or dildo. You can use this on yourself for anal and vaginal stimulation while giving oral sex to your husband. I am sure he will be happy with the result!

When my husband wears his cock ring, will he ejaculate more?

Not exactly, and this is because a cock ring constricts the penis, and so it can prevent semen from being ejaculated to the fullest amount. However, your husband may well receive more intense orgasms while wearing his cock ring. These are great purchases actually.