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What Are Sex Toys for Men?

Sex toys for men have not been in circulation for as long as sex toys for women, but they are gaining ground at an alarming rate. These are (in most cases) designed explicitly with the male in mind. The more common varieties are designed to replicate the sensations that are received from heterosexual intercourse. However, there are many other types of sex toys for men that are used as a way to enhance performance, deliver prostate stimulation or for any other desire that men are seeking, sexually speaking.

In some instances, sex toys for men are becoming popular because they can increase intimacy while still improving sexual orgasms along with a discreet way of improving stamina too.

These toys come in all manner of shapes, sizes and materials, because they can be used to fit in or around certain parts of the male anatomy.

Manufacturers are covering all angles when it comes to sex toys for men and are designing very unique sex toys that can be used for multiple uses, be it for solo play or for use with their partner.

Many men’s sex toys are designed with realism in mind and can be more expensive as a result. However, this level of realism is as close to being with a real person as is possible. Sex dolls are a great example of this.

Different Types

Although there are lots of sex toys for men around that are used for sexual stimulation, these are designed to provide the feeling of having sex with a real woman. This means that most of them will be made from soft and realistic materials that give the feel of a female vagina.

There are plenty of other sex toys for men that are designed to give additional unique stimulation, and as a means of increasing sexual performance as well.

Here is a rundown of the various types of sex toys for men:

  • Pocket pussies – These are often called fleshlights because of the company which developed a specific type of pocket pussy. These are hollow sleeves that deliver lifelike sensations when they are slipped over the penis for masturbation. Realistic vaginas fall into this section, and some models even come in many shapes and colors, or with the addition of buttocks for added realism.
  • Sex dolls – These are the ultimate and are how technology has advanced. While the humble blow-up sex doll is still available, these lifelike sex dolls are very realistic and can be posed in different positions. They look amazing too.
  • Penis pumps – These devices were originally used to treat men with erectile dysfunction. However, they have been used in recent times by men seeking to enhance the size of their penis. Although this increase may be temporary, they are very common and are one of the most popular devices men turn to.
  • Cock rings – These can start as a simple rubber ring that slips around the base of a penis. As the blood flows, it is held inside the penis to give a harder and larger erection. These are the purest form of sex toys for men and are common in use to increase stamina, achieve more intense orgasms, and to help men with premature ejaculation problems.
  • Prostate massagers – These are similar to female anal vibrators or dildos, but they are shaped very differently and are used to deliver prostate stimulation. These are often prescribed by the medical industry, but now they are popular with men who want to experience the very different orgasms that prostate massage can deliver.
  • Penis sleeves – For men that feel they need extra, these penis sleeves deliver extra girth and/or length as a way to please their partner. They slip around the penis and are then used when having sexual intercourse.

How to Choose the Best Male Sex Toy for You

When it comes to choosing male sex toys, the decision is harder than picking sex toys for females, mostly because there is so much variety. A lot will depend on a man’s desires, any fetishes he may have, or which part of the body he wants to receive stimulation.

This can range from the most basic male sex toy such as a cock ring, to the other end of the range, ending up with the mega-expensive, but very realistic, sex dolls. There is also the factor of manually operated or automatic male sex toys. This doesn’t even include the inclusion of remote controlled or vibrating devices. There are lots of choices here.

Size can be crucial when choosing the best male sex toy and this is for a couple of reasons. In the case of a cock ring, if they are too large, you won’t receive the restriction of blood flow. And if too small, you could be in severe agony. In the case of realistic vaginas, you need to make sure the sleeve or stroker is narrow, or wide enough to deliver stimulation to the penis.

The material is another thing to consider too, because not all male sex toys are made from realistic-feeling materials. You can get leather, steel or glass depending on the sex toy in question. Harder materials may deliver a more intense feeling, but they can also be too restrictive when worn (for some men).

You also need to give some consideration to which part of the body you want to receive the stimulation, it might be the penis, or it might be stimulation in the anus. These choices mean there’ll be very individual purchasing decisions, and choosing the best male sex toy is the one which delivers the experience and sensations you are looking to achieve.

What Are the Benefits

Many sex toys for men were derived from the medical industry, so they do deliver plenty of benefits. These do differ between the various types of sex toys in use. Sexual health can be improved by many male sex toys, so here are some benefits which can be received.

  • Prostate massage – This delivers both health and pleasure benefits to men. Here, the prostate can be stimulated from both outside via the perineum, or internally through the rectum. The internal route provides lots more intense stimulation which is both good for men with prostate problems and as a sexual release. Men often experience multiple orgasms, but these are definitely different from penis-induced orgasms.
  • Masturbation helper – Masturbation has been found to reduce the risk of prostate cancer because carcinogens are flushed from the prostate during ejaculation. Tension and stress are also reduced because endorphins are released during orgasm. The main one being dopamine, which is proven to relieve stress and raise the mood level too.
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment – This problem can be treated in the short term by a penis pump and a cock ring. As blood is held in the penis via the penis pump, a cock ring is placed around the base of the penis, or around the penis and scrotum (testicular cuff). This allows a man with these problems to perform sexual intercourse. In recreational use, a cock ring can prolong the pleasure for both the wearer and the partner through having a more substantial and harder erection. This inadvertently increases self confidence as ejaculations are often delayed. Some cock rings will have nodules on them to add very viable clitoral pleasure for the female partner during intercourse.

Some Safety Considerations

Sex toys for men deliver very unique safety considerations, and in some cases too much of a good thing is not great. This can be seen in the use of a cock ring or penis pump. These two can cause problems when used too much. A penis pump can cause desensitization in the penis if they are pumped too much, and not only this, they can cause irregular bulging and similar effects, such as bruising to the shaft. Always read the guidelines and stick to them.

Cock rings that are too tight or worn for too long (30 minutes max) can cause the penis to go numb and start to change color, and the penis can even go cold due to lack of circulation. Along with this, you can find yourself in severe amounts of pain if these are not used correctly, or the recommended directions are not adhered to. So read and reread the guidelines.

Materials used are also a safety concern. This ranges from metal cock rings that end up too tight and cause similar problems as above, to the materials used in pocket pussies that cause irritation and/or scratching. This, in most cases, is when manufacturers use materials that are not classed as body safe. They use these toxic materials to make their lifelike materials softer. Stay away from non-reputable sellers and use loads of lubrication if you’re using a toy on your shaft or inside the anus. If your toy is made from silicone, never use a silicone based lubricant, stick to water-based so your toy isn’t compromised.

Where Can You Use Them

Male sex toys can be used in a broad range of places or scenarios. Some cock and testicle rings are designed to be worn under clothing and for extended periods. These are more of a fashion accessory and are not the same as cock rings that constrict the penis during an erection.

Penis pumps can be used before masturbation or sexual intercourse, while some men use them in the hopes of delivering long-term increases in penis size. While many models are used in the bedroom, specific models are designed to use water to create a vacuum so these can be used in the shower or bathtub too.

Pocket pussies are designed to be discreet, and these can be used anywhere that it is possible to carry out masturbation. They are small enough to fit inside a travel bag, so they are always on hand, be it in a vehicle, a hotel or a home office setting. These are also now being used between couples during foreplay for increased arousal of the male partner.

Prostate massagers can be used for solo stimulation, or they can be used with partners who are controlling the stimulus. Additionally, sometimes they are being worn during intercourse. This can be in male to female or male to male scenarios.

Other male sex toys can be used in the same way such as penis sleeves or penis extensions, where the partner is receiving a larger penis than usual.

Realistic sex dolls are very-much for home use and will be utilized for men who are either too shy, or for the man who wants the ultimate sexual experience (without actually having a human partner with whom to have intercourse with).

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Caring for male sex toys can range from very easy, to very difficult, depending on the sex toy in question. For things such as cock rings, these can be washed under warm running water with antibacterial soap.

Penis pumps can be cleaned in the same way, but as there is no ejaculation inside, there will be no semen to clean. Any vibrating male sex toys need to have batteries removed before cleaning or their recharging ports sealed before putting them anywhere near water (to clean).

Strokers or penis sleeves often have an open end, so ejaculation is outside of the male sex toy, but some models do have closed ends. These need a thorough rinsing and cleaning to make sure no semen deposits are remaining inside.

Anal toys need cleaning and sterilizing the same as sex toys for women do, and should not be shared between partners.

The hardest male sex toys to clean are the sex dolls. Some come with insertable vaginas or other orifices that can be removed and washed in the same way as pocket pussies. The dolls themselves should never be laid flat for storage, and the better quality models allow limbs and the head to be removed where they are. They are then hung inside a cabinet inside a protective body bag.

All male sex toys need storing in cool, dry places, and out of any direct sunlight. Always read the instructions with regard to your unique toy.

Common Questions People Ask

What is the difference between a regular lubricant and an anal lubricant?

Anal lubricants are thicker and will stay on the butt plug, prostate massager (or other toys) and the male penis for longer. Be sure not to use silicone lubes on silicone toys, and use lots of lube during anal play.

What kind of toy could I get for my wife, and for us?

You could purchase a vibrating cock ring, this way you can both enjoy the extra stimulation. This will give you both some sexy stimulus during intercourse. If you are away, these vibrating cock rings can still be used for her solo pleasure too. They can fit onto some dildo models.