Anal Fantasy Boyfriend Anal Beads

by Pipedream Products

Anal beads are a uniquely fun and safe way to introduce yourself to anal play without committing to something beyond your liking, or control ending up somewhere you might not even be too sure about yet. Anal Fantasy Boyfriend Beads start out with just a half inch of diameter, gradually e... show more

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Product Description

Anal beads are a uniquely fun and safe way to introduce yourself to anal play without committing to something beyond your liking, or control ending up somewhere you might not even be too sure about yet. Anal Fantasy Boyfriend Beads start out with just a half inch of diameter, gradually expanding up to an inch, leaving you plenty of ways to discover which type of anal play is best for you on its own, or incorporated together with existing and partnered love play.

The flexible, slender shaft contours to the natural shape of your internal anatomy, giving you plenty of time to ease in one bead at a time. The set includes lube and cleanup gel too, so it really is an out of the box, ready-to-play product. Gently press one or more beads in, one at a time, until you feel your maximum comfort or stimulation level. These anal beads are designed to move inside you as you experience arousal, or to be pulled out at any point as you climax or escalate toward one. Your total control is a big functional plus for this set of anal beads.

Involving your loving partner is an excellent way for you both to experience each side of the anal play adventure with this set. It’s a truly unique twist in DP (deep penetration) to use these anally when being vaginally penetrated, or to include them prior to sex, adding countless moments of stimulation for both partners by using anal beads as a couple.

No batteries or buzzing noises. No cords or wireless remotes, just an age old technique for ecstasy using modern, phthalate-free, hygienic silicone. This, together with brilliant design technology for a very unique and modern twist on the concept.

These butt beads can be enjoyed anywhere, in the tub or in the bedroom; even worn internally all day. They’re equally at home wherever you choose to make your special moments happen. The simple, yet functional design incorporates a safe and effective finger grip base, ensuring the beads can be retrieved easily and safely, guaranteeing they’ll only travel as far as you intend them to during use.

Anal Fantasy Boyfriend Anal Beads come with a 5 piece prep kit to ease you into the exciting world of anal play, while also making use and cleanup of your new butt beads an absolute breeze!

Product Overview

  • Specifically designed for introduction to anal play
  • Hygienic, phthalate-free, silicone beads ascending from 0.5 inch up to 1 inch in diameter for graduated performance
  • 12 inches total length, use one or all the beads internally, as per individual comfort/stimulation requirements
  • Contains a free 5-piece beginner’s kit, including lube and cleaning gels
  • Ancient technique in a modern-designed product

Sizing Info

Sizing yourself for anal toys is very different than for vaginal toys. In most cases, it’s all about stretching the anus for anal sex, allowing the user to get larger for using bigger anal toys.

Measuring how far the anus can stretch is vital to prevent tearing. So, to do this, you will need: lube, a tapered object and/or a partner. You also need a fabric measuring tape.

You can do this sizing solo, but it is difficult to get a good measurement.

The way to do it is to rest on all fours or by leaning over something so you are comfortable. Then, your assistant needs to apply plenty of lube to the anus and (the object they are using) or their fingers.

When you are relaxed, they can begin easing into your anus. It is vital not to let them go too far in. This can cause problems with your anal toys.

Once they reach the limit with several fingers or the tapered object, they need to mark how far they inserted. Once they pull their fingers or the object out, you can take the tape and wrap it around the fullest part where they have marked.

This will be the maximum your anus can stretch until you are accustomed to that size. If the manufacturer works in diameter, then divide this number by pi (3.14) to find the width/diameter using a calculator.

Product Details


Length: Anal beads strand is 12 inches in length as a total
Bead size: Graduated from just 0.5 inches up to 1 inch in diameter
Packaged Weight: 5.6 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible shaft, medium
Material: Phthalate-free, hypoallergenic silicone
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth, spherical beads
Waterproof: Waterproof, fully submersible and easy to clean

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual insertion
Powerful: Yes, when used in conjunction with other toys or during climax


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Good product

Both I and my boyfriend love this a lot.

Small to not so small

I like the size choices, but would prefer a set that was all the same size. Maybe I’ll get a different set, now that I’m a seasoned ‘pro’ at using the graduated set. I told my BF it was a backscratcher and he believed me, uses it on his sore shoulder after sports lol!

My mate and me, we have a game…

It’s fun to use these in tandem. With a set each, my mate and I have ours all the way in while we help each other out lol! The first one who is finishing pulls out the beads from the other, helping them to finish at the same time. I love these, heaps of fun.

Weird but wonderful

It took some figuring out, but the starter kit inside helped and I am now an anal initiate lmao. I could see how these would be great with other play, but will keep exploring (carefully) as I feelt it out.

Whatever floats yer boat

Okay, but no love here. I have never tried anything anal, so it was interesting but I think I’ll stick to the less murky depths of my front hole, thanks!