Frisky Fidget Spinner Butt Plug

by Xr LLC

From absolute beginner to experienced enthusiasts alike, the fidget spinner butt plug is the surest way to grab your partner’s attention and keep it! With a sensual smoothness and fulfilling weight, the fidget spinner plug lights up the night as well as your behind.

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Product Description

From absolute beginner to experienced enthusiasts alike, the fidget spinner butt plug is the surest way to grab your partner’s attention and keep it! With a sensual smoothness and fulfilling weight, the fidget spinner plug lights up the night as well as your behind.

Butt plugs are now more popular than ever, completely unisex; they can be worn by any gender and are the perfect match for cosplay and fantasy fulfillment, wearing in public or at work, alone or with a partner and more. There’s never a dull moment when the plugs are in and the lights are out with the Frisky Fidget Spinner Butt Plug.

Activating each of the LED light functions is as simple as the push of the central button, which will also increase stimulation and make the Fidget Spinner Butt Plug even more exciting to incorporate anal play. It’s not just for show; it’s the brilliant part of the show!

At just 5 inches length in total, with an insertable length of a very-satisfying 3.5 inches and a 1.3-inch girth, the Frisky Fidget Spinner Butt Plug is totally transportable and moves with you, whether inside you or out… it’s designed to go where you go.

Adding extra excitement, variety and novelty to play, be it solo or with a partner, this is part of keeping things fun and maintaining overall good mental (as well as sexual) health. Quality, nickel-free stainless steel and ABS plastic provide a visual and sensual treat that lights up the darkness and spreads the light of love for yourself and your partner. Batteries are blissfully included.

Product Overview

  • Mesmerizing LED light and fidget spinning action, adds excitement and variety to anal play
  • Weight and feel of the plug creates extraordinary fullness and additional erotic sensations through working through the central push button settings
  • Experience solo or tandem fulfillment; not just for show
  • Batteries included, comes ready to use, straight out of the box
  • Compatible with all lubricants, is non-porous and phthalate-free

Sizing Info

Butt plugs are designed to stretch the anus and give a fuller feeling inside the rectum. These need anus sizing for a comfortable depth, and also how wide the anus will be stretched by the broadest part during insertion.

A partner is helpful because it makes things much more manageable. Items you need are a soft tape, anal lube, and a slim object that can be used to measure the depth of the rectum. If you have a tapered object, you can use this for measuring the circumference, or the partner may use their fingers.

Measuring the depth is best done first so that the muscles can relax. Get in a comfortable position by leaning over a pillow or go on all fours and then spread your legs. With lube around the anus, your partner can begin easing the thin object into the anus until you inform them to stop.

From the point that sits outside the anus, they’ll need to measure to the tip of the object. This will give you the length of the butt plug you can use.

Next is to measure the circumference. Using either lubed fingers or a tapered object, they need to gently ease into your anus until you feel you are at your limit. At this point, they need to mark the point, and after pulling out of your anus, they can use the soft tape to measure around the widest part. This is the circumference of the butt plug you can fit inside your anus.

Product Details


Total length: 5 inches
Plug length: 3.5 inches
Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
Plug girth: 1.3 inches
Product Weight: 6.9 oz.


Flexibility: Mobile and static parts
Material: Stainless steel/ABS plastic
Color: Silver plug, purple LED lights
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Splash proof, multi-lube compatible

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug, push button spinner/lights
Shape: Plug
Power Type: Manual plug
Note: Requires 3-CR1220 cell batteries, included.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
For the man who has everything

Tempted to get this for my boss, but opted as a gift for my on again off again boyfriend. He laughed, then frowned, thinking I was trying to get him into bed again. It worked! And, maybe thanks to this, we’re on again?

What next?

Got his as a gift from a friend. I came out a year ago and people keep giving me ass toys because I identify as homosexual. Times we live in I guess. What will they think of next? It looks nice.

Bit of fun for sure

SILLY. A fancy. A waste of time and money. All the things I love in a product! You only live once, so why not enjoy yourself? My partner and I have great fun with these while playing ‘murder the asshole in the dark’. Love them!

Got her intersted in anal

I’m lesbian and getting my partner to explore anal wasn’t working. She was hooked on fidget spinners, so I just replaced one for the other and she laughed, but then she discovered the magick. Thanks! Recommend this product.


Really happy with product. Came fast and so did he! I use this and some other toys on my man, and he just loves it. I think he loves it. He doesn’t say much with that gag in his mouth lol! Nah, he loves it…..Great stuff!