Pipedream Extreme Hanna Harper Realistic Sex Doll

by Pipedream Products

The Pipedream range includes the Hanna Harper realistic sex doll, a life-sized inflatable with meticulous design traits and functionality making it a lifelike experience to be enjoyed again and again. Fanta Flesh™ skin, with a removable vagina/asshole make cleanup a breeze, as well ... show more

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Product Description

The Pipedream range includes the Hanna Harper realistic sex doll, a life-sized inflatable with meticulous design traits and functionality making it a lifelike experience to be enjoyed again and again. Fanta Flesh™ skin, with a removable vagina/asshole make cleanup a breeze, as well as affording the owner a truly portable masturbation device, so you can enjoy Hanna on the go, or where having all of her there isn’t totally practical.

Long, sumptuous hair, with stunning eyelashes and delicately painted hands and feet. All these factors give Hanna a sexy, ‘come hither’ look, which stay with her no matter how you two spend your time together. Built for action, she’s flexible but has presence, with her arms rotating a full 360 degrees, inviting the unexpected and adventurous…

A realistic sex doll is a step up from a hand held pleasure device. It gives a larger, 3D feel to the space between yourself and the object of your fantasy. Hanna’s great in bed, or anywhere you feel like taking her, but she’s also a keen listener and can offer some psychological as well as sensual company as required.

Sometimes it’s not always practical to inflate Hanna or have her on show, and she understands that. Her Fanta Flesh™ pussy and ass are easily removed, giving you full access to Hanna’s greatest attributes while traveling on the road, or just when you feel the need for some quick, hand-held action. Front or back (or both), Hanna’s doors are always open for you, in ultra-real materials that set her apart from other realistic sex dolls.

Hanna’s talents aren’t limited to solo play either; she’s an instant threesome without the strings… and with two penetrative openings, it’s definitely game on! Hanna comes sensibly equipped with her own repair kit and foot pump. Ready for play and straight out of the box…

Product Overview

  • Realistic, Fanta Flesh™ 3-D cast head, removable pussy and asshole attachment
  • Generous head of hair and realistic, long eyelashes
  • Ultra-realistic, perky breasts, always at attention for you
  • Contains repair kit and foot pump and full care instructions
  • Quality construction, foot pump included
  • Meticulous design with attention to detail and realism

Sizing Info

When it comes to the size of sex dolls, there is no way to say what the correct size is for their body. That is down to preference. What does need measuring will be the penis for insertion into the vagina, mouth or anus.

Manufacturers now include removable parts, so sizing for this is straightforward, and a quick erect penis measurement is all you need.

To do this, you are best to use a soft tape measure because it makes things easier. It is advisable to be clear of any pubic hair, so shaving around the genital area is advised, if possible to do.

After this, partake in some stimulation to get yourself aroused and get a good, hard erection. Once hard, wrap the tape measure around the broadest section of the penis shaft. This will give you the circumference or girth of your penis.

To measure the length, you’ll need to hold the tape or a ruler hard against where the base of your penis connects to the body. Push until you feel the hard pubic bone and then take the measurement from the tip of the penis.

Sex doll orifice inserts come in standard lengths of around 6 to 7 inches. The inner diameters of the tunnels range from tight 0.25, to not as tight. The larger 0.75 tunnels can accommodate larger penis sizes.

Product Details


Unit height: Life-sized
Packaged weight: 8 lbs. 8.25 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible/inflatable, lifelike material
Material: -
Body: Vinyl
Head, Hands, Breasts & Feet: Silicone
Vagina & Rectum: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
Hair: Polyester
Color: Flesh tone
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Fully waterproof and easy to clean

Additional Info

Phthalate-free: Yes
Multiple entry: Yes, pussy and rectum
Detachable entry points: Yes, and easy to clean

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Roomie got one as a joke….one thing led to another

My roommate got one as a joke. We had some drinks and he suggested we look at it together. One thing led to another…..Let me just say, we don’t use the doll half as much as we use each other anymore. Feel complete, finally.

Maybe i should take a break

It’s been a long year so far and I feel a lot of stress. Buying a realistic sex doll was maybe the turning point where I need to re-evaluate myself as a person, as a human being. Who am I kidding!? This thing is red hot after a few beers and she don’t nag!

Handy removable insert

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the removable junk, I’d say this was junk. It was squeaky, awkward and not very life-like. But! That vag tho….I love that and took it out and use it on its own for a very happy finish every time.

Does what it says on the box

The one thing it doesn’t come with is imagination. You will need a fairly keen one, or an uber-deluxxxe, f*ck anything sex drive to get turned on by a static object, but hey. I bought one and use it on accession. I fret when her hair isn’t straight lol. *Soft brushes her hair

Hmmmm….ok i guess

Wasn’t expecting a real lot, so not disappointed. Makes me feel better some days, more lonely on others. I can sit her in the window with the shades down and tv on, looks like someone’s home while I’m at work.