Pipedream Extreme Male Sex Doll

by Pipedream Products

The Pipedream Extreme Male Sex Doll leaves little to the imagination and is specifically designed with complete satisfaction and action in mind. The Fanta Flesh™ lifelike material is sculpted from a real, live, male hunk and this bad boy is so well endowed it’s a pleasure to be pleasured... show more

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Product Description

The Pipedream Extreme Male Sex Doll leaves little to the imagination and is specifically designed with complete satisfaction and action in mind. The Fanta Flesh™ lifelike material is sculpted from a real, live, male hunk and this bad boy is so well endowed it’s a pleasure to be pleasured!

Sometimes, all that’s required is a nameless, faceless torso that doesn’t speak. One that’s rock hard, has great abs and is up for anything. Too good to be true? Not at all! This extreme male sex doll is begging you to define ‘extreme’ in your life. How far will you go? He’s ready and on call 24/7, day or night. The biggest problem might be trying to maintain a sense of calm as you guide his ultra-real, ‘man meat’ inside you as his huge balls rub against you, teasing you to endless ecstasy.

This male doll can take it as well as he can give it. Flip him over or bend him any way you want and spread his chiseled butt to reveal a tight, willing and very lifelike ass, which is as ready for a pounding anytime.

The Extreme Male Sex Doll is the ideal mate, but certainly not limited to solo use only. He’s an instant threesome, with non-stop action that’s as hard as they come until you’re ready to call it a day. There’s no risk in bringing a stranger into the bedroom here, and he’s guaranteed not to tell a soul what you’ve been up to. Ssshhh!

Take him to bed, on a chair, in the shower or bath, or just drop and ride him whenever the urge strikes. A huge 8 inch reward awaits your comeliness, day or night. Also included with this ripped, beef cake, male sex doll is a full set of maintenance cleaner, gel and refreshing powder, keeping the extreme in tip-top condition.

Product Overview

  • Realistic, Fanta Flesh™ cast from live, chiseled model
  • Generous and fulfilling 8 inch cock with 1.7 inches of width
  • Ultra-realistic, soft (yet firm) balls and fully penetrable anus
  • Contains maintenance powder, gel cleaner and lubricants
  • Sturdy, one-piece construction for sexy fun
  • Over 20 lbs. of ‘man meat’ that’s ready for action

Sizing Info

When it comes to the size of sex dolls, there is no way to say what the correct size is for their body. That is down to preference. What does need measuring will be the penis for insertion into the vagina, mouth or anus.

Manufacturers now include removable parts, so sizing for this is straightforward, and a quick erect penis measurement is all you need.

To do this, you are best to use a soft tape measure because it makes things easier. It is advisable to be clear of any pubic hair, so shaving around the genital area is advised, if possible to do.

After this, partake in some stimulation to get yourself aroused and get a good, hard erection. Once hard, wrap the tape measure around the broadest section of the penis shaft. This will give you the circumference or girth of your penis.

To measure the length, you’ll need to hold the tape or a ruler hard against where the base of your penis connects to the body. Push until you feel the hard pubic bone and then take the measurement from the tip of the penis.

Sex doll orifice inserts come in standard lengths of around 6 to 7 inches. The inner diameters of the tunnels range from tight 0.25, to not as tight. The larger 0.75 tunnels can accommodate larger penis sizes.

Product Details


Unit height: 12 inches
Unit width: 14 inches
Unit depth: 14 inches
Total weight: 20 lbs.
Cock Length: 8 inches
Cock Width: 1.7 inches


Flexibility: Stretchy, lifelike material
Material: Fanta Flesh™ TPR
Color: Flesh tone
Texture: Smooth and textured, lifelike from live cast
Waterproof: Fully waterproof and easy to clean

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual device
Powerful: Yes
Power source: Manual device, mount or penetrate


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Think my bf is gay

Girls at work got me this as a prank/birthday thing. It languished in my bedroom, proudly on display. I used to hang my hat from him. Anyway, new BF saw it and wanted to incorporate it into our lovemaking!!!! Weird!!! He then proceeded to spend ten minutes sucking, the F***ing the thing right in front of me! I don’t call him anymore and I let him take it home. Ewwww!

God, if my wife knew

I have to keep Simon -that’s what I call him, locked in a chest in the basement. As soon as my wife goes to work on my day off, we spend the afternoon together and I feel like I know what a man is again. Is it wrong to love a lump of rubber? It makes me feel so much, so no. Simon stays.

The perfect man….

I lovvvvvvvvve this! He is perfect. Bit small on the torso side, but makes up for it in inches. OMG that dick! I love it! I ride this for ages, sometimes I wet myself by sucking his huge cock and life like balls, they’re amazing! Better than any real live man. Best buy ever!

Makes me feel inadequate

The cock is huge on this guy, like ones I dreamt about. I’m a dwarf in comparison, but I get my revenge when, as I’m about to blow; I can flip him over and stuff him until I come deep up inside him…so hot just thinking about it…BRB….

Took some getting used to

I was struggling with this, until I flicked the lights off. Then it was game on! The lack of body is a little strange at first, but this toy lets you focus on what you crave the most, cock and ass. I wouldn’t be without it.