Pretty Love Vibrating Butt Plug

by Pretty Love

With ten levels of vibrating intensity to choose from, this generously fulfilling vibrating butt plug is the perfect addition to any collection of anal toys, or the exciting beginning of one. A perennial massager is incorporated and conveniently located next to the handle, adding fu... show more

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Product Description

With ten levels of vibrating intensity to choose from, this generously fulfilling vibrating butt plug is the perfect addition to any collection of anal toys, or the exciting beginning of one. A perennial massager is incorporated and conveniently located next to the handle, adding further excitement to the satisfaction and intensity of your anal play.

The Pretty Love Vibrating Butt Plug will fill you up with its 3.77 inches of insertable length and breath-catching 1.3 inches of width. It sits snug and can be used on its own, or easily incorporated into other play. On its own it will stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of your rear, but fire up any one of the ten vibration settings, so be prepared to be impressed!

A vibrating butt plug can offer hands free operation, leaving you to take care of other business yourself, or your loving partner’s body. The perennial massager is ribbed and vibrates in tune with the internal bulb, which gives extreme stimulation ‘out back,’ so you can take what you will ‘up front,’ or be free to hand it out yourself.

The quintessentially discreet vibrating butt plug from Pretty Love makes it a perfect accessory outside of the bedroom or at home. It will travel with you, internally, or ride shotgun in your luggage, tote bag or handbag… and all without drawing too much attention to itself.

A vibrating butt plug is the perfect choice for someone who is just beginning to explore themselves and incorporating anal play, or it’s equally suited to the seasoned toy fan who regards freedom of choice as important as freedom of expression and indulgence.

Although useful as a static plug, the vibrating ass plug will require a single AA battery. Rest assured though; it’s made of pure, phthalate-free silicone and comes with the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Product Overview

  • Solid, seamless, 100% silicone construction
  • Bulbed head ensures maximum stimulation of G-spot and P-spot
  • A ribbed, spiky, flexible, perennial massager works in tandem with inner vibrations
  • 10 graduated and intensifying vibration and speed settings
  • 100% body safe materials, easy clean up
  • Only 1 AA battery is required for use

Sizing Info

These vibrating butt plugs are designed for stimulation around the entrance to the anus, so they are not very long. We only need to measure the outer circumference to find a vibrating butt plug which will sit comfortably while delivering sensations.

Insertable lengths fall in to 2 ranges and are found up to around 5 inches, and then the largest come in availability at roughly 6 inches.

For circumference, the smaller vibrating butt plugs begin around 2 inches, and range up to between 7 and 9 inches.

To size yourself, it’s easier with a partner. They can do this with their fingers if you can’t find a tapered object. Aside from this, all you need are a flexible tape measure and some lubrication.

You need to get into a relaxed position so you can expose the anus for access. Your partner can then begin to ease lubricated fingers into the anus, slowly. After a while (and when the muscles have relaxed), you will come to the point of a comfortable stretch. Ask them to mark this point.

Finally, they can ease out their fingers, and with the soft tape measure, wrap this around the part which sat outside the anus and take a reading. This will relate to the widest part of the butt plug that can fit inside the anus comfortably.

Note: You can measure yourself solo, but if possible, it’s easier with a partner because of the angle required.

Product Details


Length: 4.48 inches
Width: 1.3 inch bulb
Insertable length: 3.77 inches
Packaged Weight: 3.2 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Solid, body safe silicone
Color: Fuchsia
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Shower proof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Button
Shape: Bulb
Power Type: 1 x AA battery (not included)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gf said nah then she was like yeah!!!

Been tryin to woo the girl into butt stuff. She’s all ‘why don’t you then?’ Ruined my buzz. I got this, hoping it would sweeten her. She said flat out no! Then next day called me up and told me to get round there cause her folks were out. Mission accomplished! HA!!

Douche first

Should go without saying, butt! I forgot to douche my butt the first time using this, soooooooo. Ahem. Second time, much more pleasant experience. Yes, it is easy to clean!

Back door buzz

I fell in love with this, not from using on its own, but from combining it with a g-spot vibe up my front at the same time. No way I could hit that level of intensity with just a man. Highly recommend this, try both ends girls, you will know what I mean!

Love it but not in pink

Why is so much ass stuff pink? I’m a man’s man and I like butt stuff. Ok?! I also like things that aren’t fuschia, or bunny, or anything else. How ‘bout checkered lumberjack color? Just sayin’. That said, this thing was just what I needed, hit my sweet spot and I howled like a dawg.

Off during work, on during break

I never intended to, but it’s a habit now. Wearing this to work. During work, I can swtich it off and just feel myself about to come all day from the pressure. Whistle blows and so do I, straight to the bathrooms to fire up the buzz and finger myself until I cum all over. So hot, and I get paid to do it!