Shots Ouch Elegant Butt Plug - Pink

by Shots America LLC

This compact metal butt plug from the acclaimed Shots brand is elegant to say the least. The highly stylized and functional, fully seamless metal butt plug is fashionably pink with a lustrous faux diamond set into the base. Adding class, the Elegant Butt Plug in pink by Shots is designed... show more

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Product Description

This compact metal butt plug from the acclaimed Shots brand is elegant to say the least. The highly stylized and functional, fully seamless metal butt plug is fashionably pink with a lustrous faux diamond set into the base. Adding class, the Elegant Butt Plug in pink by Shots is designed for constant pleasure when inserted due to its weight and ergonomic design, which moves with you and for you.

Metal may seem an unusual choice of materials for a butt plug, but the beauty of the Elegant Butt Plug is that its seamless metal construction means it can be easily cooled or gently warmed, adding new dimensions of ecstasy for the user. Let your partner surprise you with hot or cold, or mix it up yourself and make play time more exciting by adding the variance of temperature as well.

The elegant beauty is no lightweight in appearances or in the performance department. With just over three and a half ounces and 3.5 inches of steely, butt-plugging fun, the elegant beauty is the perfect fit while maintaining a high degree of discretion too. Easily worn all day or for use with other toys, this butt plug is made for any situation.

Stressed out at work? Big presentation due? Warming or cooling the elegant beauty and guiding it gently inside yourself can be the perfect end to the perfect day, or just the thing to give you an instant secret and personal vote of confidence to get that tough assignment or presentation across the line with ease.

Solo play has never been more adventurous, and with the butt plug in the rear, you can titillate yourself to new and dizzying heights, focusing on your other erogenous zones, coupling the anal delights of the elegant beauty butt plug with your favorite stimulation to reach a new level of climactic heights.

Product Overview

  • Compact and discreet
  • Flared base for perfect fit
  • P-spot and/or anal stimulation
  • Seamless, smooth, metal construction
  • Perfect gift, boxed with faux diamond set in base

Sizing Info

Butt plugs are designed to stretch the anus and give a fuller feeling inside the rectum. These need anus sizing for a comfortable depth, and also how wide the anus will be stretched by the broadest part during insertion.

A partner is helpful because it makes things much more manageable. Items you need are a soft tape, anal lube, and a slim object that can be used to measure the depth of the rectum. If you have a tapered object, you can use this for measuring the circumference, or the partner may use their fingers.

Measuring the depth is best done first so that the muscles can relax. Get in a comfortable position by leaning over a pillow or go on all fours and then spread your legs. With lube around the anus, your partner can begin easing the thin object into the anus until you inform them to stop.

From the point that sits outside the anus, they’ll need to measure to the tip of the object. This will give you the length of the butt plug you can use.

Next is to measure the circumference. Using either lubed fingers or a tapered object, they need to gently ease into your anus until you feel you are at your limit. At this point, they need to mark the point, and after pulling out of your anus, they can use the soft tape to measure around the widest part. This is the circumference of the butt plug you can fit inside your anus.

Product Details


Length: 3.5 inches
Width: 1.97 inches
Packaged Weight: 3.6 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Seamless metal construction
Color: Pink
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual insertion/plug
Shape: Tapered
Power Type: Manual/plug

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Better than a finger up there

I love this. My wife refuses to finger me anally and thinks vibrators are the devil, so I pop this is and just keep quiet while I screw her senseless. I have more powerful orgasms, last longer and want to make love to my wife again and again.

Can wear all day

So smmooth and just the right size, stretches me where I want and hugs the rest. A real turn on when I move about. I can bring myself to climax on the bus or at work, just by crossing my legs and rocking without anybody blinking.

Diamonds are a girls best friend

I love this! So sexy and fits like a dream. I get wet just thinking about putting it in before going on a date. Usually we have to skip desert so I can have him/her finish me while this bad boy grinds me from the rear. Whew! I love the sparkle at the base to.


I purchased this out of curiosity. I came home to find my GF had opened the parcel and was squeaking with excitement! Turns out she’d been waiting for the right moment to talk about wanting to get a butt plug. I have replaced my curiosity with a newfound devotion to my girl.


I got this as a gift for my girl. I’d finger played with her ass and thought I’d see if she would like this. She loves it, but not all the way. I’ve used it myself when no-one’s around and have a heavy cum from P-spot massage. I love it!