Unisex Anal Douche Enema Set

by Pipedream Products

Durable, compact and easy to use, this 5-piece set anal douche and enema kit is all you will ever need for personal hygiene and colonic health, before anal play, and for general health and wellbeing. Easy to use, with full instructions, this kit is ideal for the beginner or avid user.show more

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Product Description

Durable, compact and easy to use, this 5-piece set anal douche and enema kit is all you will ever need for personal hygiene and colonic health, before anal play, and for general health and wellbeing. Easy to use, with full instructions, this kit is ideal for the beginner or avid user.

It’s probably the most overlooked part of anal play - keeping it all clean! Before going out on the town, we clean ourselves up and make ourselves pretty. Why would anal play be any different? This kit makes it so easy and an excellent prelude to anal fun, ensuring both cleanliness and hygiene for you and your partner.

Full instructions are included for the 5-piece anal douche kit, which can be used as a vaginal douche as well as a full enema kit if required. A two liter, collapsible container bag makes for easy stowage and portability, and the four foot flexible hose is equally portable and see-through, with an easy flow valve. You can see the water level in the tube, which is a huge plus. The in-line valve is straightforward and the kit comes complete with a 2.25 inch anal and 5.5 inch vaginal douche spout attachment, both specifically designed and clinically tested for safe and hygienic use.

Being collapsible, this kit is made for convenience. Sturdy and strong when in use, hanging from a door handle or the suction cup provided. Yes, the bag is created from PVC and phthalate-free materials which are ready to irrigate, cleanse and refresh the vaginal or colon walls with nothing more required than pure water (filtered/bottled water is recommended - not chlorinated water from the faucet).

Many people enjoy the benefits of a regular enema for their colon health, with many also feeling improved wellbeing, lightness and improved appetite and digestion too. For anal play, it’s imperative to maintain clean, healthy and hygienic practices for the health and safety of yourself, your partners, and also your play equipment. Just like your body, if you look after things, they’ll last a lot longer.

Collapsible for easy transport and storage, totally body safe materials and a practical, straightforward design, makes this 5-piece unisex anal douche and enema kit ideal for the traveler, first time user or regular participant in anal play. Have dirty fun, but keep it clean!

Product Overview

  • Simple unisex design, and perfect for beginners or adept users alike
  • No batteries or moving parts to contend with - ever
  • Transparent hose allows you to see water levels, easy flow valve, in-line when hose is on, adjacent to hose is off
  • Specially designed anal and vaginal attachments for use vaginally or anally
  • Totally waterproof and super easy to clean and maintain
  • Phthalate-free PVC construction, incl. 5-piece set with full instructions

Sizing Info

Anal douches are intended as a hygienic way of cleaning the rectum for anal play. Because of this, they don’t require sizing for circumference or diameter, and only the length needs to be considered.

To size the anus to find the most comfortable insertable length, you need a partner, some lubrication and a slender object which is safe to be inserted into the anus, and a ruler.

The best way to do this is to be on all fours where your partner lubes the thin object and also lubes around the anus. To make things easier, they can begin using one finger, so the sphincter muscles have a chance to relax.

Once you are relaxed, they can then ease the lube object into the anus and slowly insert. You should begin to feel it inside and know when you are at your limit. This may only be a few inches.

Once you feel this limit, you can inform your partner to ease the slender object out from the anus and then mark the distance from where they stopped inserting, up to the tip of the object.

This will give you the safest length to insert an anal douche for cleansing purposes. Some anal douches come with maximum insertable lengths of 2 to 4 inches. You can also do the measurement solo, but if a partner can, it will be relatively easier.

Product Details


Volume: 2.11 quarts (2 liters) collapsible PVC bag with hanger
Insertable length: 2.25 inches (anal spout) 5.5 inches (vaginal spout)
Hose length: 4 feet
Product Weight: 6.7 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible hose, fixed spout heads
Material: Phthalate-free PVC
Color: Transparent/blue
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual valve
Shape: Spout
Power Type: Manual water pressure


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Cheap kit, does the job. Bit miffed with the valve, but I added my own hose/valve easily.

Feel heaps better

My husband got me onto this. He was using it for his colon, I wanted to try anal and he said ‘not until you do this!’ I fell much better down there now and lost some extra lbs too. Recommending it.

Budget enema kit

These go for a lot more elsewhere, different design, same principle. This cleans up easy and stores well. Great for my every now and then use.Make sure it’s dry before storage. Recommend.

Makes sense

The thing that put me of anal was obvious, until someone whispered to me about the douche/enema thing. I clean my butt out a few times a week now, lost ten lbs and feel great! Highly awesome.

Bit of a turn off

I have to do this the morning of the night to come. It’s a bit gross at first, but well worth keeping the back door clean. It makes my breathe fresher too, no kidding! Weird.