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What Are Sex Toys for Women?

Women’s sexual desires can be met with specially designed toys. These are meant to satisfy either the vagina or anus, and are available in many shapes, sizes and colors.

They are suitable for any woman and can fill any of her desires. Sex toys designed for women are ideal for solo masturbation or for taking part in couple’s sex games. When used in numerous vaginal and anal situations, these sex toys are thought of as the number one alternative to great sex.

Female sex toys can pleasure women in a broad range of ways and aren’t limited to lying on the bed spread-eagled, either. There are sex toys that can be used in the bath, or sex toys that can be worn anally, or inside the vagina for some sneaky fun under clothes or even while doing the grocery shopping.

There are basically three types; without venturing off into the world of BDSM, and clit or nipple clamps, because that is a very different avenue altogether. For the majority, there are the following three categories:

  • Female vibrators
  • Female anal toys
  • Female dildos
  • Strap ons

Types of Female Sex Toys

With this information, we’ll take a look at some of the variations on type. Here you can see a broader overview of the sex toys for women that are currently available…

  • Dildos – These are more often than not without a motor, but they make up for it in realism. Being molded on male porn stars and coming with a suction cup, you can have your favorite actor taking you from behind, or any other position you want him to. Yep!
  • Vibrators – These come in small, discreet versions or even vibrators you can wear on a necklace and the more popular rabbit vibrators which tickle the clit during penetration of the vagina.
  • Anal toys – These include butt plugs, anal beads and anal dildos, with plenty of variations to these.
  • Strap ons – Grab your partner, be it male or female, and pull on your harness and favorite dildo. You can either take your girlfriend missionary position or have her on all fours like a male partner and take part in some pegging. If you have a male partner, he might like to be dominated.
  • Ben wa balls – These are just like anal beads, but you don’t want to mix them up. These can be worn in the vagina and can help to build up the kegel muscles, as well as delivering some sneaky orgasms as they clatter together in the mall or store while out.

How to Choose the Best Sex Toy for You

There is so much choice for female sex toys that it can be hard work trying to choose the best one to meet your needs. There a few things that need consideration, and they do cover most of the sex toys because some are quite unique when it comes to choosing.

Here though, are a few things that can help you to narrow down your choices…

  • Size – This will include the vagina or the rectum. It’s really down to what use you are looking for. For new users, it is advisable to start small and work your way up.
  • Quality of materials – Unfortunately, some manufacturers use compounds such as phthalates to make their products more lifelike and soft. These are toxic and can cause vaginal or anal itching and even rashes might develop on the user.
  • User reviews – Customer reviews are pretty honest when it comes to adult toys because you can find out when people have had problems.

On top of these, you need to determine what levels of satisfaction and realism you want to achieve. Satisfaction may not come from a realistic dildo, but from a finger vibrator, as an example. Big isn’t always better, so that’s worth remembering. Buy a few toys to compare. That’ll be heaps of fun, don’t you think?

When you are thinking of what satisfaction you are looking for, it is important to remember there are female sex toys that are specific for stimulating the clit, stimulating the G-spot or providing anal stimulation. All these areas offer different sex toy choices, especially the anal ones, and anal vibrators are generally thinner than vaginal vibrators or dildos. Always buy for the right part of the body, and don’t use your vaginal toy for anal play, and vice versa. Nasty bacterial infections and safety issues are not worth it. We want to play for fun, not harm.

What Are the Benefits

Lifting the mood is one of the key benefits. When you are feeling a bit down, there’s nothing like feeling the grasp of realistic dildos, or a rabbit vibrator buzzing away to take your mind off everything. It is well known that orgasms release endorphins or feel-good hormones, so you will feel happier after you orgasm.

Other benefits include being introduced to intercourse without needing a partner. Some women are a little timid and are unsure about how they should let their body react to orgasms. Using female sex toys can help them understand how their body works and what sensations they will be feeling before they try sex.

Women can experience anal penetration, or help to train themselves to be ready for anal sex so there won’t be as much discomfort. This is one of the key uses of female anal toys such as butt plugs.

Muscle building is one of the last benefits, and this is especially true for women who have had children. They can use kegel balls or ben wa balls to help regain some of their pelvic floor muscle control. These can be worn around the house to perform exercises as they do house chores. Tightening the vagina muscles can also help during sex, where the female clenches on her male for added stimulation.

Some Safety Considerations

Some female sex toys are labeled as “novelty only.” This makes them easier to import and cross borders. But, any toy that contains phthalates, phenol, cadmium, lead, or arsenic should always be avoided. The industry is unregulated, and some companies still include compounds such as these or others that are not body safe.

Quality materials extend to whether or not the toys are porous. These tiny holes can easily let bacteria inside, and if your toys are not washed correctly, then any bacteria can grow inside. Additionally, these porous materials let in moisture, and if they’re not dried correctly, you can begin to see mold spots very quickly.

Lots of users report smells when they open their packaging. If this is a reputable supplier, it might go away after your toy has been washed a few times. If not, these are signs that they have included the non-recommended materials. You might also see some female sex toys sticking to others. This can be another sign that they are made with substandard materials. However, some will be made from materials that do stick, especially after washing. Sellers will usually sell renewal powder if applicable. Buy from a reputable seller to be sure. Peace of mind means you’ll enjoy your toy way more too.

For any sex toys that are phallic representations, it’s always recommended that you use a condom. This saves on cleaning and can stop you from getting any rashes or scratches. One final thing is: to never use silicone lube on a silicone toy or a silicone-based condom. This will break down the surface, which then stops them from being water repellent.

Where Can You Use Your Female Sex Toys

How horny do you feel, or how naughty do you want to be? Sex toys for women can be used in almost any area or scenario. This does depend on the type of sex toy in use, but manufacturers design such toys for discretion.

Toys such as kegel balls can be worn for an extended period, and are often worn when women are away from home. Anal beads are a little different because they may need additional lubrication. But, they can still be worn for extended periods in the same way a well-lubed butt plug can.

Sex toys for women can be used for solo play, and these meet almost all areas of the home or any place that has a smooth surface. Suction cup dildos can be placed on a headboard, in a shower, or the cubicle in the home office. It’s easy to take any position you desire, however doggy is the most common, statistically speaking.

Female sex toys can be used with partners, whether male or female, and really are a fantastic way of adding some spice to a relationship.

Women can enjoy simulated double penetration and can either have her partner perform vaginal penetration, or anal penetration as she uses a realistic dildo or vibrator. The choice is really up to her, and she can now let her fantasies run wild.

Small vibrators or finger vibrators are super discreet and can be used anywhere a woman feels comfortable using them. While being super quiet, she can take advantage and get up to some kinky fun in the most unlikely places.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Like other adult toys, sex toys for women are no different, and they do all need cleaning in the same sorts of ways. There are a few differences, and this comes down to vibrating female sex toys or sex toys which are not made from either stainless steel, silicone or glass.

Batteries on sex toys with batteries need removal before cleaning. And unless advertised as being able to, these toys shouldn't be submerged under water. If you can remove the batteries and motor, or they are sold as waterproof, you can run them under warm water and wash them with antibacterial soap.

For toys made from stainless steel, glass or silicone, you can wash them in the same way, but then sterilize them in the dishwasher or in a pan of hot water. All toys need drying thoroughly, and if they are sticky (glass and steel excluded), you should sprinkle them in renewal powder. This gets them back to their smooth sheen.

No sex toys should be stored where they can touch others, and they should also be placed in protective pouches to prevent dust and also to hinder bacterial growth.

The area where you store them needs to be out of direct sunlight, and also cool and dry too. If there is any sign of moisture, you could find that your toy might become ruined from mold or bacterial growth.

Common Questions People Ask

How long will my vibrator last?

This all depends on the quality of the product and the materials used in the construction. If you care for your vibrator in the recommended ways, it can last for a few months to a few years. Always clean it well, both before and after use, and follow the guidelines required with regard to the battery or recharging options.

Is it safe to use a vibrator while being pregnant?

If you ask your doctor, and he says yes, then it is safe. But if he says no, you do have the option of using clitoral vibrators rather than the types that penetrate internally. These can bring you to orgasm, and there are no worries of you damaging anything because there is no penetration occurring.

What are body safe products?

These are any sex toys that are made from known products that won’t cause irritation, toxicity, rashes, or scratching. This isn’t to say a person may not be allergic to something though, even if there are body safe products being used in the creation of a toy. However, it’s definitely true that silicone, steel and glass are the most body safe materials there are. And they’re the safest bet if you are prone to allergic reactions of any kind. Always buy from a reputable seller too.